Yoshinori Ono Stands Down As Street Fighter Producer

Street Fighter producer and all round cool guy Yoshinori Ono has confirmed that he is stepping down from the role, after suffering a health scare earlier this month.

He broke the news on Twitter that he plans to refrain from working while he recovers from his health issues.


“I caused u so much worry for a while. I went back to work. SFteam’re working wholeheartedly on patches for SFxTK, plz wait just a little longer.

“I’ll refrain from work for current job for a while. Another person in charge of SF series for a while. Of course I’ll constant support to it”

It might not be the end for Ono and fighting games, however, as he has hinted that could one day make a return.

“I dont know that how long time continued for a long time this job. But I’ll try my best to be back here again.”

We all at TSA wish him the best while he recovers.

Source: Twitter



  1. Really hope he’s fighting fit swiftly ^_^

  2. Good decision. A persons health should be the most important thing to them, above all else.

  3. Do we know what’s wrong with him?

    I hope he makes a full and swift recovery no matter what.

  4. I hope Darkstalkers gets the green light, this dood is amazing may he recover and return stronger than ever.

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