SSX DLC Coming Soon To A Console Near You

EA has confirmed that new DLC is soon to be available for SSX, some of which I know will please the TSA following.

The first pack will be a character pack (big whoop) which will bring with it 7 “classic” characters from the SSX franchise. The other pack (the one that sounds better to me) is the Mt. Eddie Pack. This features an all new Tricky-esque slope with big drops and grinds. Cue nostalgia now please!


The price hasn’t been released yet for the UK but expect it to hit at about the £5 mark, if not more. The packs are also being released in the US on the 1st May, so hopefully, after SCEE screening, we should see this hit the EU store sometime in November… I’m joking, of course.

Source: eurogamer.



  1. Will the DLC bring around 40,000 riders to the online slopes?? As i think that’s the only way it’s going to hit 50k now!

    On another note, this is great news… If it is indeed sensibly priced of course.

    • I reckong we can draw inspiration from the Need For Speed DLC, I’d bet £3.99 that each DLC pack will be £3.99!

      Is there really a shortage of riders for the 50k badge? If so, sad times. I got mine very recently and on 4 events in the end, I think the latest one ended last Thursday.

      • Put it this way, i looked on the weekend & an event had about 9,000 riders. I looked again last night & it had risen to 12. There was about an hour left of that event last night.

        Pretty much if you haven’t already got it, it’s unlikely you’ll get it now, which is a bloody stupid trophy requirement.

        On a less related note, what is with the vote thing that has now appeared on comments??

      • On the badge requirement issue, bummer :(
        On the voting button issue, no idea! I clicked it, nothing happened. Unless its silently transmitting my bank details to TSA Towers…

      • Brilliant :)

      • Yeah, the last thing you want is a pigeon in your bank account!

  2. dlc for an ea game?
    shocker. O_O

    and of course you’re joking.
    january at the earliest. ^_^

    • Remember though its SCEE, so expect it to fail the QA testing.

  3. I’m trying to enjoy the main game but just not feeling it so i don’t know if i want to spend more on it ….. as temptingly nostalgic as it sounds..

  4. Soooo many games but Mass Effect and GOWV2 are consuming my free time.

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