100 Spectrum Games For Your iPhone For Six Quid

You know me, I’d rather play a Speccy game than anything else (well, apart from Journey) so the news that Elite are doing an all-in-one of their previous compilations to celebrate the Spectrum’s 30th birthday is rather good. To me.

The “100 GREATEST HITS” app, which launches today, is a penny under £6 for the iPhone version, and is based heavily on the previously dubbed Elite range, although won’t have additional purchases down the line – it’s a one off thing.


Games include Chuckie Egg, Jet Set Willy, Manic Miner and a load of others – I don’t have a handy list of every game included but it looks like all the games from the previous IAPs, so if you’ve not bought any yet this is a real saving.

I always thought the interface was a little bit ugly, but if that doesn’t bother you, this is great for retro fans. There’s auto saves on every game and iCade support too.



  1. This looks brilliant. Thanks for the heads up.
    Anyone remember a dungeon-esque RPG based around defeating a Cyclops and giant spiders quite early on?

  2. Please come out on Android devices!

    • the Marvin emulator on the market is free and decent if you want your fix before this is inevitably released on the market.

      of course its up to you to find games for it though ;)

  3. OoOO-ooh!
    Can’t go wrong when it’s 100 games. Makes you think though, how long until I get 100 ps1 games for a tenner?

    • There’s some crackers, too. The Monty games are on there, I think. Roller Coaster. Loads of 2D platformers.

      • Monty, like an ill-sighted Sonic and an under-equipped Mario! ; )

    • You give me a tenner and I’ll send you a haxzsored torrentz linky*

      *I won’t

  4. Genuinely excited about this, first purchase when my missus gets her New iPad from her work.

    • There’s a free version too, with Bruce Lee.

      • Bruce lee is ace! Will download the trial and if controls ok might just take a punt on the job lot. There are some timeless classics in there and no mistake. Love a bit of miner willy and monty!

    • go for it cc_star, I will be checking this out on my new ipad too.

  5. Game list:

    Elite Pack #1 – Chuckie Egg, Buggy Boy, Turbo Esprit, Saboteur!
    Elite Pack #2 – Roller Coaster, Beyond Ice Palace, Saboteur II, Batty
    Software Projects Pack #1 – Manic Miner, Astronut, Orion, Thrusta
    Software Projects Pack #2 – Jet Set Willy, Jet Set Willy II, Push Off, Hysteria
    Gremlin Pack #1 – Wanted Monty, Monty On the Run, Auf Wiedersehen Monty, Moley Christmas
    Gremlin Pack #2 – Jack The Nipper, Jack The Nipper II, Avenger, Krakout
    Palace Pack #1 – Barbarian, Cauldron, Crazy Cars, Secret Armor Of Antiriad
    Palace Pack #2 – Barbarian II, Cauldron II, Crazy Cars II, Extreme
    Alternative Software Pack #1 – Skool Daze, Hideous, Eliminator, Dead or Alive
    Alternative Software Pack #2 – Back To Skool, Confuzion, Slug, Revolver
    Cronosoft Pack #1 – Splattr, Stranded 2.5, W*H*B, Treasure Trove
    Cronosoft Pack #2 – Gamex, SlubberDegullion, Egghead 4, Egghead 5
    Hewson Pack #1 – Cybernoid, Zynaps, Uridium, Nebulus
    Hewson Pack #2 – Cybernoid II, Rana Rama, Dragontorc, Avalon
    Vortex Software Pack #1 – TLL, Deflektor, Highway Encounter, Android One
    Vortex Software Pack #2 – Cyclone, Android II, Revolution, Alien Highway
    New Generation Software Pack – Trashman, Trashman II, Genon, Escape
    Mikro-Gen Pack – Pyjamarama, Everyone’s A Wally, Automania, Frost Byte
    Julian Gollop Pack – Chaos, Lords of Chaos, Laser Squad, Rebelstar
    Steve Crow Pack – Starquake, Firelord, Wizards lair, Laser Snaker
    Odin Computer Graphics Pack – Nodes Of Yesod, Arc Of Yesod, Heartland, Robin Of The Wood
    Nexus Pack – Earthlight, Micronaut One, Firestorm, Nexus
    Data East Pack – Midnight Resistance, Dragon Ninja, Sly Spy, Express Raider
    Audiogenic Pack – Emlyn Hughes International Soccer, Exterminator, Helter Skelter, Impact
    Durrel Pack – Critical Mass, Fatworm Blows A Sparky, Scuba Dive, Thanatos

    • This list really takes me back! I’d forgotten more than I realised.
      Have they completed the retro look with the multi-coloured flashing border and high pitched beeps as each game loads :)

    • As much as HATE retro bollocks.. Hewson Pack #1 – Cybernoid, Zynaps, Uridium, Nebulus – SOLD!

      Also “Fatworm Blows A Sparky” – FNAARRRR!

      • Grrr come to bloody android..saboteur, jack the nipper,uridium,, barbarian 1+2, dragon ninja…oh and thanatos (although i’ve played the vast majority on that list, i want these..now!)

  6. No universal app means no purchase :-(

    • No, shame, really. The iPhone version should scale up OK though, given the lo-res graphics anyway of the Speccy.

      • Good point, I’ll grab the free version and see how it fares.

      • Same here, I’ll try the free version first too.

  7. Wow, there are some real corking games in there. I just have this feeling though that if I were to go back to any of them they would not match up to my soft-focus-rose-tinted memories of them.

  8. Rebelstar and Laser Squad – blimey they take me back. Would by the pack just for those if I had an Apple device.

  9. wow, Skool Daze…. the first game i ever played, if they bring this to Android ill pick it up purely for that.

    • I don’t think it’s hard to get a Speccy emulator for Android mate.

      • oh ive already got one, its just id rather have a proper app like this ;)

  10. Damn you old editors! *shakes fist*

    At least with the SEGA Genesis i didn’t have to imagine the graphics!

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