Sony Signs Giant Sparrow In Three Game Deal, “The Unfinished Swan” The First Game

Sony has confirmed what we revealed yesterday – that The Unfinished Swan is a PlayStation 3 game. Interestingly it’s an exclusive – Sony have signed developers Giant Sparrow in a three game deal much like they did with thatgamecompany.

They’ve released a new trailer of the PS Move enabled paint-em-up:


“The Unfinished Swan is a first-person painting game that begins in a totally white space,” says developed Ian Dallas.

“You throw globs of paint to explore the world around you. In the game you’re a boy named Monroe who’s chasing after a swan. The swan stepped out of a painting and has wandered off into a surreal, unfinished world.”



  1. Looks amazing.

    • Doesn’t it just :D Hugely interested in this now and hope it lives up to its rather wonderful trailer.

  2. Looks a lot better than that original tec demo we saw.
    Is it dat Santa Monica magic? 0.o

  3. This looks great. Even better that they got a 3 games deal like they had with thatgamecompany.

  4. Looks really good. Interested in seeing more of this.

  5. the first game of this 3 games deal looks already better then the first of thatgamescompany, i expect great things :-D

  6. Why dont sony just buy these companies? big mistake not buying thatgamecompany.

  7. XBLA get exclusives like Trials Evolution, Shadow Complex, Minecraft etc, we get ones where you wander around a desert and chuck paint around. Why? :(

    • Really? PSN got Joe Danger on a timed exclusive and Rocard – they are pretty close alternatives to Shadow Complex and Trials. Minecrafe was never an XBLA exclusive, its been out on the PC for ages.

      Added to those kind of games (and there are more than the examples above) we ALSO get games like Unfinished Swan, Flower and Journey… the latter two being two of the best gaming moments this generation.

      There is no pleasing some people.

      • Here here, the more arthouse nature of a lot of Sony’s exclusives is far more interesting to me. That’s not to detract from Trials and Complex which are both great, I just like that Sony back interesting and weird ideas that other publishers would likely deem uncommercial.

      • “the latter two being two of the best gaming moments this generation.”
        That’s your opinion. In my opinion; they’re rubbish. I wish Sony would go for more of a balance, that way, everyone would be happy.
        Oh, and “there is no pleasing some people” isn’t correct at all. There are some amazing games on PSN, it’s just these recent exclusives haven’t been to my liking.

      • That’s my opinion, and the opinion of almost every critic who reviewed them, and many thousands of gamers (for example, on the UK store Journey has scored 4.87/5 from 6000 ratings).

        Why should Sony dump some very successful, and original games for more perceived ‘balance’ towards mainstream games? There are already a huge number of shooters and driving games on PSN, there is only 1 game like Flower, 1 game like Journey. I’d say that given that fact, the weight is already disproportionately distributed towards more mainstream titles.

        And why does it matter if they are PS3 exclusives? Surely its fine that I enjoy Joe Danger on PS3 as much as someone on their XBox?

        I’d go as far as to say 3rd parties will always fill up a store on a console with mainstream genres as they are more likely to make money, while platform holders take risks on more unique games to differentiate their offering from the competition. By offering games like Unfinished Swan I Sony have created a more balanced, varied store with something for everyone.

      • I’m not saying Sony should dump the more ‘original’ games, all I’m saying is that I find it annoying that while Sony get’s more exclusive ‘original’ games, XBLA gets more of the exclusive mainstream games, many of which I really want to play.
        Gaming would be so much better without exclusives, it would shutup fanboys for a start!

      • Sorry there if you thought I was calling you a fanboy, I assure you I am not, I was just thinking hypothetically aloud!

      • Unfortunately, i don’t think it would shut fanboys up – More of them would just gravitate to things like ‘Lens of Truth’ to get their fanboy fix by slagging off the ‘worserer console’. Innit.

    • You have been quiet vocal about a couple of games on the PSN that others have loved and you most certainly have not. You keep coming across as “so hard done by” but please understand that most of us utterly love the diversity on offer. It shows off Sony’s breadth and depth to their game library.

  8. An interesting concept. Was expecting some sort of game aimed at children, but after watching the trailer it comes across like it could have horror elements. Perhaps they are trying to go for the same feel as Limbo.

  9. Great,Unfinished Swan is quite different so it’ll be interesting to see what else they come up with.

  10. Interesting. It has potential to be another Journey. That is a huge risk that Sony is taking with an unknown developer(forgive me if i’m wrong) but i have a feeling that it will pay off and we will see 3 unique games.

    I wonder if it will be a PSN game or a full retail game? As it seems like a PSN game. Imo.

    • Definitely PSN. ;)

      • Is this Nofi for i know something about this but i can’t discuss it due to a NDA? ;) :p

        Something tells me that you will try to turn TSA into the Unfinished Swan Axis when it comes out. ;)

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