Jack Buser On Sony’s “Fantastic” E3, And How The Competition Is “Losing The Plot”

In a slightly frustrating interview with VentureBeat, Sony’s head of Digital, Jack Buser, seems quite happy to downplay Microsoft and Nintendo – suggesting that they’ve “lost the plot”.

“I think we’ve had a fantastic E3,” he said. “I’ve watched all of our competitors very closely. And I think we did a very good job of drawing a solid line in the sand here at E3, and standing up with our back straight as PlayStation and saying, ‘We’re for gamers.'”

“We are for the gamer first and foremost. Everything we do at PlayStation, we ask ourselves first, ‘What’s right for the gamer?'”

Apparently, and without wanting to beat the dead horse, that’s Wonderbook. I’m a gamer, and I don’t care about it at all – I’d, like most people, had rather they spent those twenty minutes trying to show what the Vita can do rather than relying on people like us.

“The reaction to the press conference has been just amazingly positive. While some of our competitors, seemingly, are losing the plot, forgetting what built this industry,” he said. “It was the gamer.”

“I’m biased,” he remarked, “but these are the best games I’ve ever seen, and they’re exclusive to our platform. These are the types of games that gamers want, and they’re pushing what a console game can be to the next level. It’s not yet another rehash of the same old thing; these are truly innovative, genre-breaking experiences that can only be found on PlayStation.”

It’s this annoyingly inward approach that normally makes me switch off.

So I did. You might have more luck.


  1. kids will love wonderbook that is who it is aimed at.
    imo none of the others had games as interesting as what Sony showed or looked as good.
    Watch Dogs was the best of the rest.

  2. Well after seeing nothing but junk and gimmicks from Nintendo and Microsoft, and LOTS of decent upcoming games, and free games for PS+ subscribers from Sony, I would tend to agree.

    If you look back on this gen, it’s clear to see where the innovation in hardware and software has been…

  3. For me the best part was the PS+ revamp meaning some good games for free. Most were a little old (albeit great), so not exactly ground breaking. I know it sounds like I’m complaining, but I’m not – seriously.

    The main console positives from E3 were the peripheral integrations. Kinect won that hands down in my opinion. Seriously considering a purchase now.

  4. Yes, he’s inwardly biased, but yes, I agree with him. Wonderbook should have been limited to a trailer rather than the obvious risk of a live demo. Just seemed too obvious for Sony to include Vita content too, I guess.

  5. As much as I hate it when they toot their own horn (which has screwed then over before of course) I do think theirs was a decent one considering we’re expecting new hardware next year.
    Although I would have far preferred they had taken out the Wonderbook and hyped up Vita a bit.
    But wasn’t it just the other day someone else from Sony were saying they came from the wrong angle?

  6. Hate anyone making snide comments about competitors.

    It’s rude, incredibly arrogant, and shows sign of ‘losing the plot’ themselves.

    That said, I also dislike the number of snide comments about Wonderbook I keep seeing.
    Whatever your thoughts on it, you can’t deny that it’s going to be big, with two BIG titles in production.
    One from an Oscar winning studio, and another from one of the biggest selling fiction authors ever.

    Book of Spells looks like it’s going to give Move the life-saving shot it needs. Add in Portal 2 and Beyond, and there’s life in it yet.

    Demo did go on too long though, although it didn’t deserve the scorn it’s received since. There was still space for Vita stuff, they just didn’t want to bring it out apparently.
    Along with a bunch more PS3 stuff they just left for us to find later.
    Maybe they ‘lost the plot?’

    • I agree completely.

      Not enough Vita, Wonderbook too long but they had games and they, for the most part, focused on them.

      I was underwhelmed by Microsoft’s offering, and Nintendo’s was a train wreck in my personal opinion (despite a couple of highlights like Pikmin 3).

      Other than Ubi, Sony delivered. Yes, it was shameful how ignored the Vita was but I’m getting tired of the constant wailing on Wonderbook.

  7. Did the interviewer mention anything about seeing a deep red handprint on Mr. Buser’s face?

    (this font is sweet btw)

  8. Xbox lost the plot with bringing out Usher lol. Not only did he suck singing live but he’s a wannabe MJ. As though the guys at E3 wanted to see that Dance game.
    Nintendo haven’t lost the plot I don’t think but they don’t interest me. Also Sony themselves lost the plot with showing Wonderbook for what seemed like 4 hours even though it was like 15 lol. Should have been 5 minutes.

  9. Two points:
    2) Git.

    • Dont worry, you were not the only one.

  10. Was a good conference, we all know its shortcomings, too long on Wonderbook, not long enough on Vita. Personally I think Last of Us (known about & previously showed off in trailers) should have come first (or God of War maybe) and Beyond (although kinda known about, but generally a surprise) should have been saved until the end and without introduction, would have served as a ‘omg what’s this’ moment, much like Watch Dogs did when it stole the whole show.

    Sad to see no new services or apps showed off (in trailer or montage form to avoid MS’ mistake & keep it brief) the console war has died a quiet death, whilst the real war for the living room is quietly being fought with content deals ahead of Apple & Google’s expected entry into TVs coming soon.

    • I agree but I think it was good how Son showed beyond first left you licking your lips, it was like a starter then God of war was the main course then at the end the last of us gameplay was the desert, it got more cheers than anything they showed

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