The 15 Minis You Have To Play

Age Of Zombies – £3.99, works on PS Vita

Ah, this one’s brilliant. Sure, it doesn’t last long but while it does this is genuinely laugh-out-loud funny and the main character’s a superb piece of writing. The graphics are great too, and who can ever pass up on the chance to take out some zombies?

Hungry Giraffe – not listed for PS Vita

Hungry Giraffe’s a neat game not least because it employs some clever trickery to get high resolution graphics out of a minis game when played on the PS3. It’s got to be some kind of black magic – but it’s a great game regardless.

Angry Birds – not listed for PS Vita

Not everyone likes Angry Birds, but it’s hugely popular and loses little in the translation to minis. In fact, some prefer the analog stick to the touch screen and the bird flinging simulator has certainly sold a few copies to PlayStation fans.

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  1. I actually have all of these titles and can fully agree, these are some worthwhile titles on any platform. give em a try

  2. I have Fieldrunners and Age of Zombies which are good fun.

    The issue for some might be that £3+ is a little expensive, when you can buy MotorStorm RC for a similar price, or pay another £3/£4 for a full PSN game with multiplayer and trophies.

  3. Flying Hamster, Space Shooter for $2 and Floating Cloud God are my picks, minis are great for keeping SEUs alive on PlayStation. Now.. can we have a port of R-Type?

  4. Fieldrunners is very good and I think it’s only £1.99. Pixeljunk monsters should be on there surely.

  5. Pah, everyone knows games need trophies to be fun ;)

  6. Woo Vibes got featured! Such an under rated game! There really are some awesome minis, wish they got more recognition in general and on the Vita.

  7. Impossible game?

  8. Nice mini write-up, i would add BreakQuest and Space Shooter for 2 Bucks.

    • BreakQuest is absolute genius – loved that game, a must for any arkanoid fans

  9. urbanix, retro cave flyer and stick man rescue are also good fun.

  10. I have a few of these minis: Velocity, Ages of Zombies and Fieldrunners. Enjoyed all three of these! I dont play minis that often but if I have a spare 10mins they are worth a go :) Also enjoy the impossible game, I must run and babel king of the blocks :)

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