Sony: No God of War: Ascension For Vita

Last night the Sony Santa Monica twitter feed posted ‘Ask us anything’ and replied to a number of questions, including dashing any hopes of God Of War cross play.

  • Q: Are you creating a God of War for the PS Vita? And will it have a cross-platform mod to play on both PS3 and PS Vita ?
  • A: We are not creating God of War: Ascension for Vita.

Note that Sony do not directly answer the question if they are making ‘A God Of War’ and only refer to Ascension. Sounds like there’ll be a Vita God Of War though, in some form.


What about a beta for the multi player portion of God of War: Ascension? A slightly weird answer from Sony but it makes a change from ‘We cannot comment.’

  • Q: Will God of War Ascension multi player have a beta?
  • A: Cannot engage this question currently.

Odd ball paint ’em up ‘The Unfinished Swan’ has also been denied a Vita version.

  • Q: Do you have any in-house Vita projects in the works?
  • A: The Unfinished Swan is being developed in-house, not Vita, but in-house nonetheless.

Obviously I jumped at this chance to quiz one of Sony’s top teams so dived in with an important question, a question that will probe Sony Santa Monica to their very core.

  • Q: Is it true that Kratos likes knitting his own loincloths?
  • A: Kratos does not knit.

I guess the chains would get in the way.

Source: Twitter



  1. That is almost confirmation that there will be a PS Vita version of God Of War. They completely dodged it by saying ‘there will not be a Vita version of Ascension’ but if there was not a Vita GOW being made, they would have said ‘not at this time’. :)

  2. Wow, I asked the Vita question and they dodged that bullet, instead of saying ‘Yes’, ‘No’ or ‘No Comment’ they just named a random game which doesn’t have a Vita version. Could they be making the first ‘in-house’ portable God of War game?

  3. I would be nice to see a GOW game on Vita even if it’s not Ascension.

  4. The gods of Sony shall pay for not porting GOW:A! With the blade of olympus, i shall have my revegance! *GOW theme song plays*

    Seriously, Sony, GOW on the Vita would help to sell it and give it the much needed support that it needs. I mean for crying out loud, when was the last major Vita game that was released that recieved decent reviews? Also, i think Kratos knitting would result in the entire old folks home getting killed due to the thread coming loose and he has anger issues. ;)

    • Gravity Rush last week?

      • Yeah, was about to say Gravity Rush too :) 84 metacritic average is pretty decent.

      • Oh yeah, i had completely forgotten about it. :O But Sony still need to get their hands out of their rear ends and do more to support the Vita.

      • I agree with you mate, lets hope we see a good line up for the holiday season

  5. Makes sense given the technical fidelity of Ascension (as well as its expansive multiplayer.)

  6. I’m glad, I didn’t fork out over £200 for a console to play ports of PS3 games.
    I want stand alone games.

    • What’s wrong with ports of decent games? I prefer to play my games on a portable device as I don’t get the time ny more to stand play on my PS3 at home.

      Besides the Vita has been getting some serious lie with cross platform gaming. Wipeout and Motorstorm being some of the best examples.

    • I’m getting really ****ed off at my iPad changing correctly spelt words. That’s love not lie.

  7. Amazing,I always wondered if Kratos was a knitter lol.

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