PES 2013 Demo Lands Next Week

Shots fired! Konami will kick off a fully playable demo of PES 2013 title next week, on July 25th in Europe, on PS3, 360 and PC.


“PES 2013 marks a huge advance for the popular football simulation,” says the press release, “with the new game offering PES FullControl wherein players are given total control over every pass, shot and even first touches to the ball.”

“Pro-Active AI ensures that players move as they should both on and off the ball, creating a truly authentic big match experience. The Player ID system then enhances the feeling of individuality, with players that not only look and move like their real life counterparts, but also play just like them.”

The demo will have eight fully licensed teams, with all difficulty levels and localised language.



  1. Looking forward to this, I don’t understand why they don’t jump on the ‘demo as beta’ bandwagon seeing as changes occur in demo 2 based on feedback from demo 1.

    Reading the hands-on time PES fan sites have had, it seems to play quite a slow tactical game.

    Releasing these as demos makes me cringe though when they’re obviously some way from final.

  2. Rally looking forward to playing this now. From what I’ve seen this may be the best PES in many years. However releasing a demo in July?! As CC said above I can’t imagine this is going to be anywhere close to the finished product. If anything it could do more harm than good.

  3. Well i’m looking forward to this, hope its close enough to the full game that it doesn’t disuade potential buyers. I’ve never really got this method of releasing a football game as a demo when its clearly not complete. In most genres the demo will end after a few chapters maybe, not even that some times, as football is a consistent scenario, you cant really do that. Eeven if you end the demo at half time people will just play again, and again and again. It would be much better if they went towards releasing an online beta or something, so atleast that way they could have their online service absolutely perfect for release.

  4. Look forward to trying it out. I hope its as friendly to DS3 Tool as FIFA is.

    • 2012 was, so you should be ok. Can’t believe there isn’t a more ‘professional’ program for using your PS controller on a pc. I always think fo DS3 as a bit cheap, works well though, so I suppose I can’t complain.

      • Certainly, I have to use the xbox emulator on it for it to even be usable!

  5. I told myself not to ever buy pro games again after 2012 but who are u kidding am a sucker for a footy game. I hope they make one for the vita. In tempted to buy FIFA vita since its only 24.99

    • FIFA Vita is great, but if you haven’t bought it yet I’d wait a couple of more months and get the next one.

      Download the demo if you must get a football fix on the go.

      • Yeh I been playing the demo, quite enjoying it. I know I will never ever buy the FIFA brand but I think this is my only opportunity to do so unless they don’t release pro vita them I guess FIFA will become my portable footy

  6. Wow, this is a bit early.

    I know they release more than one demo (which I always thought was a bit stupid), but still…

    • release early as they probably haven’t changed much ;-)

  7. Well this better not have a 15 minute long unskippable intro like the last one

    • I swear its had that for the past 3 years aha

      • Great, not much hope for this year then :(

    • I deleted the last one after one game.

      I wasn’t sitting through THAT again.

      • Fair enough, my dad prefers PES to Fifa so whenever he’d like to play i just put the demo on and do something else while THAT happens again.

        Yes, that sounds cheap that i just play the demo but i decided after 9 consecutive years of PES and Fifa i decided there’s little point in buying the full game for the short time i play it.

  8. I don’t bother with the pes demo’s as they’re rubbish compared 2 the full release.
    Don’t know why they do a demo, because if you’re a fan you’ll buy the game anyway. Where’as a shoddy demo will put-off potential new fans

    • Particularly as Demo1 is the bug-ridden concept that’s beeen doing the rounds behind closed doors at tradeshows for the past couple of months & it’s not until Demo2 that the physics takes shape and approaches final

      All it does is put off all the FIFA fans who give it 2mins of their time before deleting it. At least if they called it an open beta people’s expectations would be adjusted (slightly)

  9. If this is unfinished and poor it’s a stupid decision to put it out. I bought PES religiously till 2010, then last year tried both demos and switched to FIFA. Now it will take a hell of a good demo to make me switch back.

    Last years demo just felt so slow, as did PES 3DS which I took back after 1 game.

    PS3/Vita crossplay could be the clincher though if either EA or Konami manage to pull that out.

  10. ill give it a whirl looks like it could be best PES in a while.

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