Gran Turismo 6 “In Production” – But Is It For PS3, Vita Or PS4?

Lucas Ordoñez is a Spanish racing driver – a recent graduate from the Gran Turismo Academy and now racing for Nissan. According to, he’s also hinted about Gran Turismo 6.

Yes, 6, again, although we must stress none of this is confirmed.


The site claims that in the recent Warsaw based trials, Lucas spoke to one of their writers and said that GT6 was in “full production”, and the translation suggests that the tracks at least are looking amazing – although that could be a mistranslation.

Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about Gran Turismo 6 – it’s featured on a CV, has been known to feature Bathurst and – nearly two years ago – was mentioned by Kaz himself.

A complete, all-in version of GT5 was just announced with a September release date – could we be hearing about an entirely new sequel to the popular series soon? Gamescom? Tokyo Game Show?

Naturally, nobody’s talking platforms yet – could GT6 appear on the Vita? Or would this be held back for PlayStation 4?



  1. I honestly think 6 will be on PS3 still, maybe PS4 though. Don’t think Vita will get a numbered version, as it were.

  2. I’d imagine there’d be a version for both home console and Vita, whatever that home console may be. I’d assume PS4 and Vita, with cross platform play, but who knows?

  3. GT6P on PS3, GTVita on errrm Vita & GT6 on PS4

  4. If it’s anything like GT5, you should probably expect it for PS5.

    • I know its an ongoing joke, but the engine for 6 is there now, will be an updated version of 5.

      5 had such a long gestation period mainly due to the cancellation of GTHD, then an updated version of 4. This led to a whole new engine being built for 5, in essence there have been two games on PS3 already (not including prologue) but one was cancelled.

      • Get out of here with your serious talk – I offer a lighthearted view of an issue that aggreived many a sim-racing gamer & you come at me with reasoned arguments & factual statistics! Pfft.


      • I know, its the internet, should have called you a name and moved on :P

        At the same time you are obviously utterly correct though.

    • oy.
      you nicked my joke, several hours before i was going to post it. >_<

  5. I hope Polyphony have learnt from GT5 and all the cars in the next version are premium. A better GUI would be good too.

  6. GT5 was a let down for me. They need all cars to be premium and it needs a full rework in my opinion, its become a little stale.

  7. Pretty sure myself it’ll be PS3 personally, each console so far has had 2 fully fledged GT games don’t see why PS3 will be any different.

    Hope you get a choice of which intro movie you can have as the original My Chemical Romance intro was ace – the 2.0 update intro was so bad I deleted the game off my hdd to get rid of it.

    • I always watch the intro the first time I play GT – it’s the law. However after that, skip skip skip everytime!

      Kaz almost sort of maybe confirmed GT Vita the other day.

    • I much prefer the new intro but if you want rid of it just go into GTTV and delete it there.

  8. It don’t think it’s a sole Vita title for starters otherwise it’d be called GT portable 2, so for me I think it’s much more likely to be a PS3 title with crossplay enabled for Vita…’s a nice thought anyway, and PS4 is too far away.

  9. Nah GT6 almost certainly will be on PS4 but also on ps3 with GT5’s graphics.

    I’d get the ps4 version tbh.

    GT Vita probably will arrive same time as gt 6 heavily cut down unless those memory game cards get bumped up (4gb max atm is puny).

  10. I think the original talk was of GT6 being released on the ps3, with GT5 laying a lot of the ground work. I think with the longer than planned development of GT5 and by Kaz’s own admittance a struggle with power of the existing PS3 hardware – GT6 in all likelihood will be released on the PS4. I’d even say a launch title with it being a major franchise and how cosy Polyphoney are with Sony (looking at the dev time afforded to GT5). I’d even go as far as saying GT6 could be a good indicator to the release of the PS4.

    That said, I’d like to see Polyphoney add some spirit back into the series. GT5 was amazing technically but lacked atmosphere. I think they could learn from the likes of the FIFA series or perhaps DiRT. Both made you feel like you were part of something that was alive, rather than grinding through a series of labelled interface buttons. A proper career mode, karting, gaining sponsors, rally cross, tourings cars, DTM, career break finding yourself in the WRC (a la Raikkonen), building prize money and reputation, endurance racing, and finally F1.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I felt GT5 was a missed opportunity. Hopefully next time Kaz will be able to stand back and see the wood from the trees.

    • Have to agree with you on the points made about the career, it just lacked much of a challenge or atmosphere that was captured in previous GT’s….especially GT3.
      On the other hand though the challenges and Licences were superb and engrossing at minimum.
      The game totally excels with online play, so I am willing to forgive the slightly lacklustre single player career. ;)

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