Rambo Draws First Blood: Debut Screens And Details Emerge

Last month we revealed that Rambo: The Video Game will make its debut playable appearance at this year’s Gamescom. However, that hasn’t stopped Reef Entertainment from dropping a few snippets before the full mission briefing in a couple of weeks.


Appearing on unannounced consoles and PC (release date TBC), the game is in development at Polish studio Teyon, the outfit behind 2011’s Heavy Fire: Afghanistan and the “101” DSiWare series. In terms of gameplay, Rambo is dishing up an amalgam of first-person and “fixed perspective” action sequences, utilizing cover mechanics and destructible environments.

Reef Entertainment has also posted a trailer for the game (see top) though, instead of gameplay, it’s a mash-up of clips to whet your appetite for the full-blown reveal.

Source: Press Release



  1. Intrigued, however I can’t read article due to advertisement dead centre.. (ps3 browser)

    • ps. advert above most popular posts, continually flashes, induces headache.. A danger for any epilepsy sufferers.

      • Is that just for the PS3 browser? I’m sure Al will look into it :-)

      • Just want to confirm that’s happening me just with the ps3 browser too (although site is loading really slowly on ipad too).. was going to mention it yesterday but well .. it’s the ps3 browser.. :/

      • Far right advert is working fine now, flashing ceased.
        Still have advert over article. Can’t comment on other browsers i’m afraid. (Thanks for picking up comment so quickly.)

      • hmm, when i exited comment box, flashing has restarted.
        sincere apologies for comment clutter, should’ve headed to forums, although yesterday on clicking on reply(@forums) i kept getting ps3s c&paste box, or javascript:void(null) @ bottom of page.

  2. Pleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegoodpleasebegood

    • Can’t be any worse than the speccy version. The best thing about the game was the laoding screen.

      • The loading screen was pretty good too!

      • I rather enjoyed that ver, although I was alwys a huge fan of the original Commando & the two were very similar.

      • Commando was great. In fact anyone reading this who is capable… please emulate it for the iPhone. Thank you, appreciate it.

      • damn, now i have the Commando music stuck in a loop in my head:)

  3. Yes. A trailer that has nothing related to the game in it, besides Rambo of course.
    Also, I only came here because it reminded me of Frank Reynolds ;)

  4. so an fps then?

    mind you, if there’s one franchise suited to being an fps, it’s this one.

    if they make it based on the movies the part based on the first one could be cool, hiding in the forest, setting traps.

    kill them before they even know you’re there. ^_^

    later sections would, i imagine, be a bit more gung ho.

  5. Re PS3 browser: it’s terrible, with little standards support. I’ll see if we can do something though.

    • Cool, ty Alex.
      I’m a novice in browser background operations & supplier offerings, but obviously notice it struggles.
      (ocasionally i forget.)

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