Community Chronicle: 12/08/12

Hello again, and welcome to another edition of our Community Chronicle, where we have a look at some of the gaming rigs, weekly accomplishments and great comments that people have posted on TSA.

It’s always quite cool to see where people get their gaming on, and that’s where we’ll start, with TSA Rigs.

Last week McPhatty showed us all a total overload in the number of screens he had set up for the Olympics, and MadJunkBoy’s gaming room isn’t far off that pace. In some ways it’s better!

He sent in a whole boatload of pictures, but I’ve winnowed it down to just three, starting with the overall view of the room he shares with his brother for games. From left to right, you’ve got MJB’s “phat” 160GB PS3, a Hauppauge HD PVR, and an old soon-to-be-discarded TV. The middle is then MJB’s actual gaming TV, atop a little cabinet crammed full of games, which you can see in more detail in the second piture.

The right hand side of the room is MJB’s brother and his own gaming set up, with a 360 on its side, next to a high specced gaming PC. It’s difficult to make out!

The third picture is a bit of re-emphasis that MJB is one heck of an Arsenal fan, a DS3 adorned with Arsenal imagery (bought at The Emirates itself). So… I guess you shouldn’t say bad things about his favourite team. He’s likely to hunt you down and give you a slap, or something.

I’m sure you’ll agree that MJB has one heck of a gaming room!

If you too would like to show off your shiny gaming rig, or reveal a hugely messy pile of gaming junk, then head to the bottom of this page, where you can submit photos and/or tales of your gaming exploits.

There’s been a fair few Platinums this week, with some turn over on the fastest Platinum leaderboard. Notably, Samiro05 is polishing his trophy for London 2012, whilst theberzerka has Lollipop Chainsaw, element666 currently holds Metal Gear Solid 3 on both PS3 and Vita and Dungeon Hunter Alliance (mega-week!), and McProley nabbed the pot of Platinum at the end of the Rainbow Moon.

On the topic of MGS3, element did say he thought someone else had a faster time than his MGS3 PS3 Platinum, so speak up if you did it before last Monday, and get your name up in lights!

To keep things mixed up a little around here, I’ll skip the usual, and hand over to CarBoyCam, who sent in a little end of season report for us:

Myself, James (Death_in_Flamez), Lee (Lee-ma) and Ben (Cadabena), finished our first season of sim racing with GRC on Monday. I finished second in the Championship, Lee 3rd, James 6th and Ben 12th, with the full Driver Standings here. TheSixthAxis Racing (Me & James) won the Team Championship and TheSixthAxis Racing – DICE (Lee & Ben) came 4th. Again the full Team Standings are here.

Finally, the Season Finale Broadcast is here, if you want a nice video to watch.

Sounds like a great set of results, guys. Congratulations!

Last week’s comment of the week came back with a tie. Actually, there weren’t too many vote, but Bilbo’s vow never to purchase a Free 2 Play game and Forrest’s God of War spin off took join top honours.

The Big P, Mr. ColossalBlue himself leads the way with Forrest this week, partaking in a little light discussion of the increased costs one can incur, should you want to “take them up the dirt track.” Obviously, this is purely a hypothetical discussion

KeRaSh has been following Valve very closely, and thinks he’s spotted a pattern. Source 2 Engine will clearly be Valve’s last, because they never, ever reach number 3 of anything! Speaking of threes, Tuffcub and I gently tease Posem in an “exactly similar” fashion on an AC3 post.

Forrest reads maybe a little too much into NSMB2’s co-op mode letting “Luigi get in on the action“, whilst Sympozium and Yogdog do their best Ork “WAAAAAAAAAAAGH!” for us all.

Finally, a good old book reference. I’m sure you all remember this one from school. Steven’s got a “Glove fulla vaseline”, according to PoorPaddy. Just like Curley from which novella? Answers on a postcard, or in the comments.

Get voting!

Don’t forget that if you spot a comment during the week that you think should be in the poll, just nominate it by hitting the thumbs up button, so it stands out when I’m hunting next week. Until next week, I leave you with the submission form for Rigs and Achievements:

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  1. Has to be that Of Mice and Men quote ;)
    That is really an impressive room for gaming, way too much arsenal merchandise for me though!

    • if u think that there is much Arsenal merchandise in that room, u should see the ACTUAL merchandise room! :P

  2. Game Drawers…. I like that! I will head to Argos soon…..

  3. Terrific games room MJB….. in the UK that would be considered a Bungalow :P
    Congrats to the TSA sim racing team, great first season ;)
    Also Voted {:’o

  4. Emma Stone… I approve MJB! ;)

  5. One day il send in a pic of my scrappy set up..

  6. ‘Dis ere rigs are nuthin against an Orky wun! Wheres da teeth? Wheres da dakka!? Needz more dakka dakka dakka!

  7. Emma Stone, nice.

    Arsenal, not so much.

    i always want a video to watch, without video what do we have?
    reading that’s what. >_<

  8. Kinda like my set up but more spacey…. :/ I can barely fit a proper desk for the computer and my TV sits on top of a clothes drawer heh. plus… hard to find room for the PS2 or even a Vita Charger.

  9. sorry for oversending u with pics Tef! just thought that 2 or 3 pics wasn’t enough, but u did great picking out 3! *thumbs up*

    • Why do i get the feeling that Tef is now scarred for life because of the amount of photos that you sent him? ;)

      • between us steven: not all pics was of my gaming room! ;)

      • @MJB I’ve already PM’d you with my email address so you can send me those unused photos ;)

      • *checks email*
        *sends unused photos*

      • *hears Origami Killer screaming*

      • screams

      • Did you just destroy a glass room full of glass with your screaming!? :O

      • That wasn’t my screaming ;)

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