Community Round-Up: 25/08/12

Another week has flashed by, and it’s certainly had some ups and downs. Shiny GTA V screens wetting our appetites, but also the sad news that Sony Liverpool, developers of the brilliant WipEout franchise has been shutdown. They will be missed.

Anyway, let’s see what’s been happening on TSA over the past week in this week’s Community Round-Up!

MotorStorm: Apocalypse’s Festival competition continues, with results updates every Saturday. So keep an eye out for those later today, but in case you need to catch up on things, here’s a link to last Saturday’s news.

This week looks jam-packed full of Meets which is always great to see, so let’s see what we’ve got:

For tonight, Bodachi hosts the usual Uncharted 3 meet beginning at 7pm. Sunday sees the DiRT Showdown meet starting at the usual time of 6pm, hosted by R1MJAW.

McProley hosts a ‘Meow and Squeak special’ DiRT3 Meet on Monday at 8pm, while Forrest’s Max Payne 3 meet appears an hour later at 9pm.

Forrest is also hosting another DiRT Showdown meet on Tuesday night at 8pm, while on Thursday, Death_in_Flamez hosts the BF3 DLC meet at 7pm. Also on Thursday, Forrest’s Ridge Racer Unbound meet kicks off at 9pm.

Keep an eye out for all the other meets that will pop up during the week, or you could create your own Meet provided you have 250 TSA Points.

There’s a slight lack of Reviews this week with just one; namely Jim’s 7/10 review of the PSN game Papo & Yo. But fear not, the TSA staff have clearly made up with a plethora of Previews.

Actually, it’s Teflon that’s saved the day with a whopping 8 previews! Check out his thoughts for The Unfinished Swan, Puppeteer, Dishonored, Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified, Until Dawn, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, Soul Sacrifice and lastly Wonderbook: Book of Spells. There’s no excuse for you to be bored this weekend with all that reading material!

For the Community articles, the Community Chronicle features Peter showing off his rig, and Crazy_Del proving himself being pretty slick at collecting those platinum trophies. WeView readers can read the verdict for Fallout: New Vegas, or leave their views for Max Payne 3 which won the vote.

Peter explains why he think Sony is nailing the last moments in the PS3’s life cycle, while Greg once again takes a look at the Vita’s sales figures. Finishing up, Greg also has another part of his Death of a PS3 feature, and as always, here’s What We Played #67. Oh, and the Podcast also makes a return this week with Episode 74.

From the forums, let’s see what we’ve got:

There’s always something going on, so have a look.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but last week saw history being made in the Showdown, with Death destroying Master Chief 7 – 0, the first flawless victory! This week has seen a flurry of GTA V screenshots being released, so I thought it would be appropriate to have Niko Bellic, the star of GTA IV, take on Death.



  • Uh, he’s death. It’s been his job for, like, forever to move people on from that whole being alive thing. Generally with his scythes, which are pretty cool.
  • Horseman of the Apocalypse must look awfully cool on his business cards
  • Utterly loyal to his brothers in arms.


  • Really sucks at chess. This is how people come back to life all the time, by challenging him to a game of chess.
  • Nice horse, and all, but I don’t see an Olympic gold medal hanging around your neck.
  • Probably doesn’t have many friends. After all, as soon as you see Death, you’re probably about to die…

Niko Bellic


  • Able to use a wide variety of weapons from sniper rifles to rocket launchers.
  • Pretty handy at breaking into cars and other vechicals.
  • Plenty of contacts in the criminal underworld which could come in handy.


  • Doesn’t think twice about jumping out of a flying helicopter if you accidentally press the wrong button.
  • Never wears a seat belt, so frequently goes through the windscreen.
  • Has to constantly babysit his insanely needy cousin.

Once again that’s it to wrap up another week. Leave your votes below in the comments for the Showdown, and I’ll see you all soon!



  1. Death again haha. Apologies but the MSA results will more likely be tomorrow now unfortunately.

    • shit! was really looking forward to that today! =(
      ohh well will just have to see it tomorrow…

      no stress captain! ;)

  2. Yup, gonna go with Death again, cuz he’s Death.

  3. Niko dies then always comes back with a full inventory and a few dollars lighter. No matter how badly he dies whether he falls off the empire state building or blows up in a infernus he is always stitched back up again. I’ll have to go with him.

  4. death has to win this!

  5. Death wins as he is Death. He will come for you. Sure, you can kill him in his physical form but you can never truly kill him. But if he is somehow destroyed in both his physical and soul form then you have to deal with Superdeath. And when a Superdeath dies, you have MegaDeath then when a Megadeath dies, everyone is forced to be a monster in FF when they die. ;) So Niko has no chance in hell.

  6. Got to be Death.

  7. Death. The only way he’ll be beat is if someone from Naruto Shippuden (any game) seals him off. Or maybe The Darkness, seing as it’s an eternal force (i think).

  8. Death again. Niko is a mere human, death to the weakling.

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