Dead Island Studio Working On Brutal Fantasy Mod

Despite delivering one of the most memorable video game teasers of all time, for many, Techland’s Dead Island didn’t quite live up to expectations when it launched back in September. A few odd, not to mention damaging, design choices and a constant feed of bugs were mainly to blame, yet few could fault the game’s luscious open world and fun albeit sadistic limb-chopping gameplay.

Currently Techland is cracking on with Dead Island Riptide (which we will hear more about during PAX) but for now fans will have to make do with an internally-developed mod for the original game, dubbed “Project Hell”.


Originally a weapon mod conceived by a Techland staffer, the Polish studio has since dedicated more team members to what is now a standalone spin-off centred around fantasy hack n’ slash encounters.

Source: Official Website



  1. Cool to see a studio do something like that, but a terrible game imo. I remember stepping out onto a vista over a beach view, after seeing a man crying in a pool of blood because he killed his family; my character felt the need to blurt out “Like a mother-f****ing postcard”. Kinda killed the tension.

    • I’m in no position to defend the game to be fair.

      I did find some of vistas beautiful vistas though everything was marred by a game-breaking bug that left me with a broken 12-hour save file. Needless to say I was frustrated. That sort of thing has never happened to me, not even in the PS1/PS2 eras.

  2. I know many experienced issues with DI, but luckily I had a glitch free experience, and loved the game to bits.
    Had the opportunity to get properly immersed and enjoyed the ride.
    Any new projects from this dev are most welcome!

    • Agreed. I had no problems with the game, and really enjoyed it all the way through. Looking forward to anything new.

    • Yeah i loved the game too even got the platinum for it.

      There was one glitch that was great, the one where you could replicate your best weapon as many times as you wanted!

  3. Just finished DI today doing the full game in coop with the mrs and while I did find 1 bug that kept freezing my game while in the sewers and would not let me leave them but a quick invite from the mrs who was out of the sewers managed yo sort that overall I enjoyed the game.

  4. i was lucky enough to not get any game breaking gliches while playing DI so i can’t wait for the sequel.

    i just hope they don’t fuck it up with day one patches…

  5. I don’t really care that the trailer was nothing like the game, no trailer ever is, but I loved the game anyway. I soloed it entirely and it was a great experience, a good open world survival horror, that I could take at my own pace and a real challenge in some areas too.. It wasn’t perfect by any means, but it was different, and that’s a rare thing these days.

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