Scheduled PSN Maintenance Next Monday

There will be another period of PSN maintenance next Monday, with the service going under the knife from 16:00 until 05:00 on Tuesday (times BST).

For the duration of the maintenance Account Management and the PS Store will be unavailable, according to SCEE. Some users will also be unable to log into the PlayStation Network.


As usual, PlayStation advise that there may be some additional downtime after the maintenance period for testing purposes.

This directly affects our Max Payne 3 meet on the same day.



  1. It does indeed affect the MP3 meet! XO

    Typical that the one time they decide to give at least some notice, it happens to be on the day i pop the meet up!

    Could they not at least have liaised with me? :D

    • They did try to send around Kevin Butler but apparently, they found a blade of Chaos slammed into his desk as well as a dead god and a destroyed plane. :P

      • Oh well, if they tried to send him, then that’s perhaps why i heard nothing of it – He obviously decided that notifying me was too arduous a task & defected to Ninty.

      • So you’re the reason why there are no more KB ads! *informs TSA’s resident fanboys as well as fanboys around the planet before noticing he could just go all Kratos on Forrest* :P

      • Hey, don’t blame me if he’s afraid to give me bad news! That’s his fault not mine!

    • Well that’s a kick to the tits. Hopefully it will be like the usual downtime, where it doesn’t actually seem to affect anything.

      • Yeah, we can hope – It’ll be worth having a look just to see if anything is affected, but i won’t be holding my breath, just in case!

      • ‘kick to the tits’ – Love it.

      • Yep I’ll be on. Hopefully we shall be ok.

  2. You mean, i will have to go it alone in Dark Souls on monday!? *screams in horror before remebering that he is actually comptent at it*(oh god, i think i’ve become addicted to it!:O) At least we have been told in advance for once instead of the usual, “oh by the way, we are doing maintance in a few hours time so if you happen to be working and don’t notice this then tough luck” notice.

    And it seems that Forrest is cursed to have his meets get cancelled due to SCEE or Sony. Also, what happened to thursday being maintance day?

  3. Cross-Dressing-Game-Chat??? :D

    • What you do in your own home is up to you.

    • I don’t want to know what you get up to in your own time. Plus, if my PS3 booted up and had an image of a cross dressing bloke, i would burn it then set my eyes on fire to rid myself of the image.

  4. Thirteen hours downtime, must be doing something major – or they have long tea breaks.

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