Community Round-Up: 15/09/12

I’ve had another little break, and in doing so missed my anniversary of writing these Roundups! This week saw the iPhone 5 being announced and also plenty of Wii U information, so it’s may have been an expensive week for some of you! Anyway, let’s crack on with this weeks Community Round-Up.

The winners for the tickets for the Eurogamer Expo were announced alongside those of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD this week. Check it out for a quick look at who won.

Week 5 of the TSA MSA Festival should appear later today, but if you missed Week 4, it’s still available from last saturday, albeit starting to smell slightly.

That’s your lot for this week, but I hear a few things are approaching for the coming weeks…

Moving on to the TSA Meets, let’s see what’s planned:

Tomorrow sees the DiRT Showdown meet starting at the usual time of 6pm, hosted by R1MJAW, but heading into Monday the night looks packed!

The GT5 meet kicks things off at 7pm, hosted by Teflon. An hour later, at 8pm, Death_in_flamez hosts the Motorstorm Apocalypse meet, followed by Forrest’s Max Payne meet at 9pm.

The second DiRT Showdown meet takes place on Tuesday night at 8pm, hosted by Forrest, and that’s all that’s planned so far.

I’m sure we’ll see the usual Battlefield 3 Meets and the like pop up during the week, and we do have a few game launches in the immediate future, so keep your eyes peeled, or why not create one yourself?

Teflon’s got two previews for you this week; firstly the brutal Spartacus Legends, followed by the creative FPS, ShootMania. For the Reviews, Alex’s 8/10 review of LittleBigPlanet Vita matches the impressive Metacritic scores the game has achieved.

If you’re feeling particularly bonkers, then Tokyo Jungle should be right up your street, so check out Peter’s 8/10 review for it. Lastly, Aran looks at Joe Danger: The Movie, the sequel to Hello Game’s indie hit, giving it too, a solid 8/10. Al also had a chat with Sean, one of the small four man team behind the game.

This week’s Community Chronicle features Sciontc1 getting his rig out, including a crazy-awesome gaming mouse, alongside a selection of handpicked comments for you to vote on. Don’t forget to catch the WeView Verdict for The Darkness 2, or comment (and vote!) for the frustraightly awesome Dark Souls.

Then from TSA’s regular features, this week saw the continuing countdown of TSA’s Top 100 of 2012 Recap, going from 50 down to 26, so it’s really hotting up! Gamoc’s latest addition to Cheap PC Gaming is FTL: Faster Than Light. The game achieved 2005% of it’s minimum Kickstarter funding, so it should be good, right? We also have Greg bringing us What We Played #70, with the latest edition of the TSA Podcast from Monday.

Finally, Jambo and Teflon were lucky enough to visit Silverstone with guys at the GT Academy to have a play around in a real Nissan 370z and GT-R! They also conducted an interview with Jann Mardenborough, 2011’s winner of the GT Academy.

From the forums, let’s see what we’ve got:

Please do feel free to pop in and spark up a little conversation if you get a chance. It’s starting to feel a little quiet in here again!

Teflon had the great idea of facing Dante from Dante’s Inferno against Dante from Devil May Cry 1-3 and also Dante from DmC: Devil May Cry from Ninja Theory (Even I’m confused with all these Dantes Tef!). Notice a theme? Anyway, if you were one of the ones to vote for just “Dante”, expect a well suited man to pay you a visit soon, as Dante will be going up against Agent 47 from the Hitman games.

Agent 47


  • A deadeye with any weapon, especially his silverballers.
  • An expert at blending in as he can steal dead enemies’ clothes.
  • If he gets bored, he can visit Tescos and see how much he’s worth at the self service checkout with his barcode tattoo.


  • Not really the kind of guy you wouldn’t notice with his distinctive bald head.
  • Spends a fortune at the dry cleaners getting the blood out of his suit
  • Also spends another small fortune at the hairdressers and on head wax for that bald head of his.

He’ll have no clue about any of the Dantes, let alone who won. I think both Hazelam and Steven voted for ‘Dante from DMC’, but I’m not sure really. So, here’s what I propose. Whichever Dante you thought should have won last week goes up against Agent 47.

I’m going back to Uni this weekend, so I think Steven will be taking over next week as I’ll probably be too hungover to write more than a few words! Good luck to anyone else starting Uni, I know a few people are moving in this weekend, and I’ll see you soon!



  1. Congrats to the ticket winners again. The GT5 from sofa to track was an awesome read.

    I vote for Agent 47 to get rid of all this Dante confusion!

    • That sounds like a remarkably good plan!

      • Agent 47 ftw.

      • I couldnt have Steven talking about two Dante’s next week in the round up, its confusing enough when its written by a sane person XD

      • I would leave that BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTTTTTTTRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL Dante out of the round up(the “cooler version”, or the one that is in DMC reboot). Yep, still mad about that. Why do i get the feeling you lot will not leave which Dante and cause me to go sane trying to figure out who won? Tef, i’m going to need a lot of booze next week if that happens.

  2. i vote for Dante, your choice which. ^_^

    if for no other reason than in the movie, he’s got Olga Kurylenko offering herself to him, and what does he do?
    he drugs her, and then leaves.
    there’s chivalrous and then there’s being an idiot.

    and Steven’s taking over next week?
    as in TheLoneSteven?

    why am i getting this feeling of dread? O_O

    oh yeah, i forgot to watch last week’s MSA video, i’ll give that a watch.

    • *strokes cat in cliched evil lair that is also home to EA and SCEE and for some reason, a fish* Plus who else has scarred/mentally touched them in a certain place/has touched them in a certain place and does the round up when Tef and Gaz are too lazy to do it? ;) Wait, that’s not right. Why would a fish be in an evil lair?

  3. I voted for the demon kicking, strawberry milkshaking, pizza eating, get stabbed by his own sword The son of sparda and is a bit of a showoff, as well as being overdramatic at times, has a massive sword and owes a lot to Lady. Dante from DMC1-4.

    Hmm, a human vs a half demon that is said to have surpassed his father in power. Dante would win. He would either shoot 47 or stab him with his sword.

    Also, i thought Tef had fired you Gazzagb for blocking his loo due to that dodgy kebab that you had and for turning up wasted 10 days in a row. :O Oh and how come my Dark Souls thread wasn’t mentioned? CONSPIRACY! *dons tin foil hat*

  4. Agent 47 gets my vote.

  5. The bald one with the code on the back on the head for a cheat I suppose.

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