Capcom Reveal Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen Expansion

More news from the Tokyo Game Show, this time for Dragon’s Dogma which is set to receive a ‘major expansion’. Very little has been revealed apart from a release date of sometime next year and that the pack will be for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


Lack of information leaves me with all this space to fill up so let’s discuss that name, ‘Dark Arisen’, what a cumbersome title.

Arisen is a particularly flowery word to use and what on earth does it mean in this context? Dark has occurred? Dark has become apparent? Dark has got up? Surely ‘Dark Arisen’ is just a fancy way of say ‘It’s night time’, so you could translate the title as ‘Dragon’s Dogma: After Dark’.

If that’s the case maybe the DLC turns Dragon’s Dogma into a saucy premium-rate phone number simulator.  Call Dragon’s Dogma: After Dark on 0989 1237473 and press ‘3’ to titillate a wench.

That’s my theory.

Source: YouTube

P.S. I got through the whole post without making a cheap gag about things rising and expanding, can I have a biscuit?



  1. you know, when i read any article of yours TC i almost expect to hear canned laughter in the background. ^_^

    anyway, i really have to get Dragon’s Dogma one day, if i see it on sale i’m gonna pick it up i think.

    • Canned laughter? How rude!

      • Excellent stuff tc!, you are a legend and quite possibly the funniest game journo on the web, hats of to you sir

  2. It’d be worth picking this up again but for the 360 this time,by the time this dlc comes out i should be able pick it up at a good cheap price.

  3. I assumed Arisen would refer to the main character, or by dark Arisen that there would be a new Arisen who was… well… dark :p However, I prefer your analysis of the title, it’s far more unique :p Anyway I’m madly looking forward to this. Will have to rent it again. I wonder how my pawn is doing….

  4. Great news, Dragon’s Dogma is one of my favourite games this year :)

    I think “Dark Arisen” will be more like a spin-off, similar to “Baywatch Nights”. The Arisen saves people at day (preferably at the beach) and works as a private detective at night to solve crimes and mysteries.

  5. Great game, been playing it to death lately.
    Got a killing blow on the online Ur-Dragon last night, such a cool idea for a game boss :)

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