Community Round-Up: 13/10/12

Another week has zoomed by, and it certainly was a busy one with some fantastic new releases, so let’s take a look at what we’ve got in this weeks’ Community Roundup!

Yesterday, we announced the winner of the Elgato Game Capture HD. WinreviewMIKED will shortly be receiving the awesome gadget so congratulations to him are in order.

Elgato are sponsors of this years’ TSA F1 2012 Championship which had the groups and tracks revealed last night alongside the first in a series of community led videos. There are still one or two spaces left, so if you’re raring to go but haven’t already got involved, you’d best let Teflon know as soon as possible!

Let’s take a peek at what TSA Meets are lined up for the coming week:

Tonight we begin things Bodachi hosting a Borderlands 1 meet at 7pm. It’s already booked up, though.

Tomorrow sees the usual DiRT Showdown meet starting at 6pm, hosted by R1MJAW, which will be just after the first races in the F1 2012 Championship.

Monday sees Forrest hosting the Max Payne 3 meet at 9pm. The second DiRT Showdown meet takes place on Tuesday at 8pm, hosted by the faithful Forrest.

Friday night sees Death_in_Flamez hosting an F1 meet at 5pm, while you can get your name in early for Spooner’s Fifa13 meet where he plans to get a few trophies – pop your name down if you’re interested!

Keep your eyes peeled for any other meets that pop up, especially the ones like Battlefield 3 which tend to go up during the course of the week. Or, of course, you could just create your own meet provided you have at least 250 TSA Points.

We’ve got four new Reviews for you this week, firstly beginning with one of this weeks’ big releases, Dishonored, which impressed Peter with his 9/10 review of the game, while Tuffcub quite appropriately played and rated PSN/XBLA title Naughty Bear: Panic in Paradise at 7/10. Another game which received 7/10 this week was Mugen Souls in Dan’s review of the JRPG. Lastly, the other big release of the week was XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which scored a notable 9/10 in Peter’s review.

If you thought that it was a busy week Review wise on TSA, you should check out the number of Previews we’ve got! Kicking things off, xeroxeroxero firstly takes a look at Lost Planet 3 before moving onto Genix, an upcoming PC game. Blair was also quite busy this week, getting his hands on Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, followed by When Vikings Attack, a game which utilises cross-play between the PS3 and Vita.

Alex looked at The Unfinished Swan, the upcoming PSN game which looks to be following in similar footsteps to Journey, with it’s interesting use of storytelling. He also took a look at Derrick the Deathfin which was released on PSN this week.

One of the ‘big’ upcoming AAA titles for this quarter is Far Cry 3, which was previewed by Teflon alongside an interview with the game’s producer.  Lastly George (or sciontc1 as he’s probably better known) had a look at DUST 514. Phew! That’s all the games Reviews and Previews wrapped up for you, plenty of quality reading material for the weekend!

One of the biggest stories this week is of an imminent PlayStation Store design overhaul. We have screenshots of the new look, a big information blowout and finally an interview with two of the project leaders at Sony. Hopefully it lives up to demands!

The Chronicle featured what’s likely to be the last comment of the week (although Alex said he might code back in the ‘like’ function!), while Shaggy2Dope showed off his gaming rig which is more of a mountain of games rather than a rig! Last week, WeView looked at Gravity Rush, and it received an impressive unanimous rating of ‘Buy It’, so let’s see if Sound Shapes can do just as well.

Rounding up, the Podcast makes its post-EGX return with Episode 78, and Kris looked at Jumping In to games in an already existing series. Finally, Greg brings us What We Played #74.

The Forums have sprung into life once again, so let’s take a look at some of the highlights:

Last week, Big Boss defeated Jan Templar and thus enters the Hall of Fame!

This week, I thought I’d pitch the protagonist of one of this week’s big releases – namely Corvo from Dishonoured, against a similarly equipped opponent – Connor from the upcoming Assassin’s Creed 3. As I haven’t played either of these games, it’s a bit of guesswork this week!


  • Has many a supernatural power, which can be combined to pause time, move a guard, and have it so your opponent inadvertently shot themselves in the face… Lovely.
  • Able to chose how he strikes – stealthily or all out attack.
  • Highly skilled, he was the former bodyguard to the Empress.


  • He’s the former bodyguard of the deceased Empress, who he wasn’t good enough to save. For shame!
  • Revenge trips are so clichéd!
  • That Bethesda publishing name doesn’t half hold bad connections to bug-filled games…


  • A fully trained killer for the Assassin Order, meaning he’s deadly while also athletic.
  • Equipped with the usual kit; hidden knifes, swords, crossbows and also a Tomahawk to be authentic.
  • Can do his own hunting out in the wild, and isn’t forced to scrounge and scoff horrible tinned city food like Corvo.


  • The white hood outfit stands out quite a bit, I’m sure.
  • Still has that muppet Desmond controlling him.
  • Probably still relies on conveniently placed carts of hay to break his falls.

Blimey, that seemed to take a while, I didn’t realise TSA had been so busy this week! And with more releases to come, I can only see it TSA getting even busier! Oh well, I’ll see you all next week, bye!

– This round up was collated, cross referenced and dictated into HAL by Gazzagb.



  1. Corvo would kill Conner due to his abilties. Freeze time, possess him and move him into the path of his own throwing knife/arrow/bullet.

    Also will Gazzagb stop stealing cakes from the TSA halloween party supply? otherwise i may have to cancel it and mr flibbles will be sad. You won’t like mr flibbles when he’s sad. (ten points to anyone who gets this reference.) And can someone speak to Hazelam as i suspect she is slowly turning the community team office into the Anti-SCEE and EA as well as Uwe boll and anti-PG tips bridgade headquarters? Or did we always have that massive banner with those words on it? O-o

    • Sadly I can pretty much see that being how Corvo dismisses Connor in all of 3 seconds. Having said that, I don’t doubt that Connor could have a decent go of it, were he to meticulously plan his attack.

      Even so Corvo would win.

  2. Are they no witty comments over the links anymore?

    Also Connor of course.

    • Apparently, Gazzagb got wasted and somehow managed to delete the links from the article once Tef had uploaded it to TSA. :O

    • Blame Tef! :P

  3. I’ll go for Connor too, judging from the past AC games, he’ll be deadly no matter who he goes up against.

  4. It’s clearly Corvo who would win this stand off – Anyone who votes for Connor over Corvo clearly hasn’t seen what Corvo is capable of, or just refuses to accept that an Assassins Creed protagonist might just be out-assassinated!

    Seriously, Corvo would have already killed Connor before Connor even realised he was there. Then made rats eat him to dispose of the evidence.

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