CoD:Black Ops 2 Launch Trailer Is Live

Treyarch has just released the launch trailer for Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2, featuring snippets of game footage, brief looks at the future tech of 2025 and all manner of explosions.


Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will be launching on November 13th on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. A Wii U version will also be released.

Source: Youtube



  1. That was honestly one of the most fun looking trailers I’ve seen all year :) First CoD game I’ve been looking forward to since MW2.

    • this is basically what I hear every year, the same comment, buy the game, love it for the first week or so, realise it’s the same game, be mad at activision, buy the next year’s game again

      • ha ha, I like your honest comment. It’s what a lot of people do unfortunately and it’s what Activision hope for.

  2. Pre ordered this and cannae wait! :)

    Couldn’t be bothered with Modern Borefare 3 (sorry, childish, I know, blame the meds…) but Zombie mode tipped the scales for me with this one. Should be a blast!

  3. Loved BlOps, looking forward to this. Really hope they carry on with the Cold War era at some point though, I know there’s bigger explosions in near future stuff but Cold War just felt right.

    • Agreed, loved BlOps, but didn’t care much for MW2 or 3. Glad to see them try something a bit different with the franchise and I think it could be fun. Treyarch really do seem to put their all into their COD games, and include a ton of content. Zombies, MP and SP, and perhaps some mini-games like BlOps 1.

      TBH, I’d love to see more games explore the Cold War era.

  4. Left a bit “meh” with that trailer in all honesty. Great song though. I will probably wait a while before buying this just to see what people think.

  5. Ordered… That is all :)

  6. Looks good although that walking robot does look like it belongs in a MGS game instead of a COD game. And they’ve seemed to have toned down the amount of Micheal Bay in this as i think MW3 was basically COD:We let Micheal Bay direct this. Needs more russians though.

  7. It just confirms my decision of cancelling the pre-order…
    Being sick of this game already and i’ve started playing in MW2 wich i love… Had Black Ops and it sucked, then MW3 wich was alright, but not good. Yet, more fun to play online than BO, but the MW2 was the best of all of them (the maps, guns, etc.)

    I really think the time has come to try Battlefield 3, and change a bit :)

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