PSN Store Update: 24/10/12 – The One With The Unfinished Swan

Today marks the non-Plus release of Giant Sparrow’s wonderful The Unfinished Swan, the trailer for which is just below. It really is a sublime slice of entertainment, and worthy of your tenner. If you’ve not yet seen our review, please have a look now – it’s lovely.

Our review score is even featured in the video!


There’s some new DLC for Dark Souls that brings new maps infested with monsters and those trademark frustrating boss battles. We should also be getting the store version of Killzone HD. That HD remake of the first Killzone game is part of a retail bundle in stores but if you’ve played the PS3 entries to the series and just fancy catching up on where it all began then the HD remake is available via the PSN Store on its own for £11.99.

If you’re looking for something new to play on your Vita, you could probably do worse than Sega’s Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz, which rolls out (ha!) today for the price of £29.99/€39.99. If you’ve got more money that you know what to do with, 007 Legends is £59.99/€69.99 and so is Friday’s release of Medal of Honor: Warfighter – which was worryingly late going out to reviewers.

Counter-Strike GO is naturally still missing, but it’s a shame that Retro City Rampage didn’t make the cut again. As ever, you can get the full list on the EU PS Blog.

[accordions] [accordion title=”PS3 Games”] 007 Legends
Price: £59.99/€69.99
PEGI: 16
Availability: All

Everyone Sing (releases Friday 26th)
Price: £15.99/€19.99
PEGI: 12
Availability: All

Killzone HD
Price: £11.99/€14.99
PEGI: 16
Availability: All

Medal of Honor: Warfighter (releases Friday 26th)
Price: £59.99/€69.99
PEGI: 16

Pure Chess Halloween Treat Bundle
Price: £4.99/€6.19
Availability: All

The Unfinished Swan
Price: £9.99/€12.99
Availability: All
[/accordion] [accordion title=”PS Vita Games”] MUD – FIM Motocross World Championship (releases Friday 26th)
Price: £31.99/€39.99
Availability: BU, CR, IN, IS, KU, LU, QT, SA, SL, TK, UKR

Pure Chess Halloween Treat Bundle
Price: £4.99/€6.19
Availability: All

Street Fighter X Tekken
Price: £39.99/€44.99
PEGI: 12
Availability: All

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz
Price: £29.99/€34.99
Availability: All
[/accordion] [accordion title=”PS Mobile Games”] ZooZooGo!
Price: £2.59/€3.29/AUD5.45
Availability: UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Australia

Rock Boshers DX
Price: £2.19/€2.79/AUD4.75
Availability: UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Australia

[/accordion] [accordion title=”Everything Else”]

PS3 Trial

Planets Under Attack
Availability: All

PS2 games

Price: £7.99/€9.99
PEGI: 12
Availability: Not available in AU, BE, DE & NZ

Disney G-Force
Price: £7.99/€9.99
Availability: Not available in AT, DE, IT

Prince Caspian
Price: £7.99/€9.99
PEGI: 12
Availability: Not available in France, Spain


Agarest: Generations Of War 2
1st Extra Costumes (£2.39/€2.99)
2nd Extra Character (£1.99/€2.49)
Add-On Dungeon 2 Graccea (Free)
Bonus Point Pack 3 (£2.39/€2.99)
Bonus Point Pack 4 (£3.69/€4.49)
Frensberge Specialty Pack 2 (£1.19/€1.49)
Overtake Your Rival Pack 1 (Free)
Priscilla Can Do It Pack (Free)
Right To The Blacksmith Pack 3 (Free)
Right To The Blacksmith Pack 4 (Free)
Shaldie Mail Order 1 Pack (£1.99/€2.49)
Availability: Not available in Finland

Assassin’s Creed 2
Bundle – Assassin’S Creed 2 : Sequence 12 + Sequence 13
Prices: £6.29/€3.99
Availability: All

Dark Souls
Artorias of the Abyss
Prices: £9.99/€12.99
Availability: All

Dead Or Alive 5 Round 2 Costumes – Full Set
Prices: £9.99/€12.99
Availability: All

Hell Yeah! Wrath of Dead Rabbit
Pimp My Rabbit pack (£1.99/€2.49)
The Virtual Rabbit Missions (£3.69/€4.49)
Availability: All

Just Dance 4
Dlc Release 1: 2 New Songs
Dlc Release Day One: 1 Song
Prices: £2.39/€2.99
Availability: Not available in Turkey

Medal Of Honor: Warfighter
Online Pass
Prices: £7.99/€9.99
Availability: Not available in Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, India, Israel, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine, UAE

Mugen Souls
Jiggly Transmission And Equipment Pack 10 (Free)
Jiggly Transmission And Equipment Pack 9 (Free)
Mugen Crimson Set (£1.59/€1.99)
Mugen Knight Set (£1.59/€1.99)
Overwhelming Conquering Set (£1.59/€1.99)
Overwhelming Ready-Made-Clothing Set (£1.59/€1.99)
Point Fever Pack 3 (£2.39/€2.99)
Unlock All Clothing (£2.39/€2.99)
Unlock All Physical Parts (£2.39/€2.99)
Unlock All Voices (£2.39/€2.99)
Availability: All

Naughty Bear – Panic In Paradise
Teddy Krubear Set
Prices: £2.39/€2.99
Availability: All
Pure Chess
Halloween Chess Set
Prices: £1.59/€1.99
Availability: All

Rock Band 3
Chicago Pack 01 (£2.49/€3.99)
Brains Out (£0.59/€0.79)
Break Free From Your Life (£0.99/€1.49)
Galileo (£0.59/€0.79)
Ode To A Centipede (£0.99/€1.49)
Slander (£0.99/€1.49)
Availability: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom only.

Sleeping Dogs
Screen Legends Pack (£1.19/€1.49) – Not available in Germany
The Swat Pack (£2.39/€2.99)

Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Tekken 4 Soundtrack (£1.39/€1.69)
Tekken 5 Soundtrack (£1.39/€1.69)
Tekken 6 Soundtrack (£1.39/€1.69)
Tekken Movie 1 (£1.39/€1.69)
Tekken Movie 2 (£1.39/€1.69)
Tekken Movie 3 (£1.39/€1.69)
Tekken Movie Tag (£1.99/€2.49)
Availability: All

The Pinball Arcade
Add-On Pack 4: Creature From The Black Lagoon And Black Knight
Prices: £3.99/€4.99
Availability: All

Tokyo Jungle
The Street Wear Pack (Free)
Animal Costumes Bundle 3 (£1.19/€1.49)
Animal Characters Mega Bundle (£3.19/€3.99)
Availability: All

Uncharted 3
Skippy Dance
Jump Freeze
Ride It
The Cabbage Patch
The Carlton 2
The Dougie
The Point
Prices: £0.79/€0.99
Availability: All

Worms Revolution
Worms Revolution Funfair Pack
Prices: £3.19/€3.99
Availability: All

WWE ’13
WWE 13 Online Axxess (£6.49/€7.99)
WWE 13 Fan Axxess (£11.99/€14.99)
WWE 13 Diamond Dallas Page (Free, AXXESS EXCLUSIVE)
WWE 13 Accelerator (£1.19/€1.49) Free to those who purchase Fan Axxess
WWE 13 Gangrel (£0.59/€0.75) Free to those who purchase Fan Axxess
WWE 13 Grand Master Sexay (£0.59/€0.75) Free to those who purchase Fan Axxess
WWE 13 Rikishi (£0.59/€0.75) Free to those who purchase Fan Axxess
WWE 13 Scotty Too Hotty (£0.59/€0.75) Free to those who purchase Fan Axxess
WWE 13 Val Venis (£0.59/€0.75) Free to those who purchase Fan Axxess
Availability: All

XCOM Enemy Unknown
Elite Soldier Pack
Prices: £3.69/€4.49
Availability: All


New Little King’s Story
Angel & Demon Set (£1.49/€1.75)
Availability: All

Pure Chess
Halloween Chess Set
Prices: £1.59/€1.99
Availability: All

Street Fighter X Tekken
Various character swap costumes and gems
Availability: All
[/accordion] [/accordions]



  1. Killzone HD only thank you bye.

  2. I hate that blog, hard to follow since I’m not used to it – are TSA not listing the content anymore? :/

    • we’ve been putting it into a little write up like this for a couple of weeks, did you prefer the lists?

      • I have to be honest & say that i did – I’ll still click the link if no list is provided of course, but it was dead handy just to view what i wanted to here.

      • I preferred the list CB.

      • I much prefer the lists, especially when everything was under nice categories.

      • Okay, you buggers, I’ve listed it ;)

      • Wonderful, thanks Peter. You don’t get that kinda service on other sites. You know, its not fair what they say about you ;)

      • I did prefer the full list of content, although u write it up, when u put about it being on the blog I feel obliged to sift through their stuff too :-(

      • @Youles – People generally say he is a sexy beast… Which is true.

        Thanks for the list Peter! The less clicks away from TSA i have to do, the better i feel. :)

      • Awesome. As a lot of others have said, I much prefer the list version. In fact on Monday I was talking to Forrest about how much I like lists.

      • Lists? You can’t beat a good fucking spreadsheet. Nicely formatted, of course.

      • Cheers Blue!

      • Got to admit I preferred the lists too.

    • Personally yes, but that’s just me (and Forrest) ;)

      Its nice with TSA that you don’t have to check other sites, but I also prefered the clear and easy-to-read format (inc pricing etc) that TSA provided. That blog looks such a mess! No biggy though

  3. Dark Souls DLC? Yes. please.

    • I can’t find it :(

      • If I get my PS3 to Uni Im defo getting the DLC :D

      • ‘This content is not available at this time.’ Reopen the Store & it’s gone. This is getting irritating.

    • Ive been looking for an excuse to get dark souls out again. Looks like fate wants me to suffer… again :p

  4. Loved the Unfinished Swan, worth every penny.

  5. 60 quid for the bond game?

    that’s a joke right? o_O

  6. Nowt for me this week as i’ve got Dishonored, Unfinished Swan and a still sealed copy of XCOM

  7. Just to point out.

    Super Monkey Ball is £30 on PSN ($30 in the US, bizarrely), but it’s only £15 in shops. So if you’re planning on buying it, get it from a shop.

    • i think with almost all the games on the store that also have disc versions, you can get the disc cheaper from most stores.
      and i’m talking new, not preowned.

      • Not always. Quite often they’re cheaper on the store on release day than they are in shops.

        But £30 is double even GAME’s prices. Which is ridonkulous.

      • unless you’re talking about ea or activision games. ^_^

        and if you count online stores, you can get the disc copy cheaper more often than not.

    • Sega need some sense…

  8. i’m guessing this isn’t the best time to be launching Everyone Sing.

  9. I reckon this is the most disappointing update for ages. You’d have thought they would have pulled something special out of the bag for the first update since the store redesign. And the prices of these downloadable bluray games is getting ridiculous. The disc version of 007 should be under 25 quid in next to no time based on the reviews I’ve seen.

  10. Ever since the store update in the UK, I evertime I try to download something, my screen goes black and freezes. I then have to restart my PS3. Either way not interested in much this week but what happens when I try to redeem my online pass for MOH? nightmare. Sort it out SONY.

    • Unless you are buying preowned, there should be an option to redeem your pass in-game. In fact, it’ll probably ask for it first time you boot up.

      The store freeze thing is weird of course, but i suppose it all depends on how that is handled per game. Do you usually have issues with online pass redemption?

      • no never. i haven’t got the game yet, I’m getting it tomorrow. My problem is when I access the new store layout and try to download anything, ie a download I already own or even something completely new, it freezes on a black screen. I hope that it doesn’t happen when i come to download the online pass for MOH.

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