Sony To Offer European Gamers 12 Deals This Christmas

Last December SCEE offered a “12 Deals Of Christmas” promotion, in which every two days a new deal would appear, remain for two days, then vanish. The results were somewhat varied, but there were definitely a couple of bargains to be had.

This year they’re repeating the program, which kicks off on Saturday with the first offer, and then will rotate every two days after that as per last year.


No clues are given as to what the deals will consist of, but they’re all PlayStation Store-based and – quite possibly – will also include Plus discounts on top of the deals themselves. It’s likely that some of the deals will be for the PS Vita, too, so fingers crossed for some crackers.



  1. Nice, i remember buying several of the games last year. Hopefully, it’s of the same quality this time around.

  2. And as a bonus, you can spend 3 months trying to get a refund due to something cocking up. For only £7.99! Too soon?

    Suspect it will be shovelware or games that have been reduced to what shops sell them for on launch instead of the £50+ that SCEE usually wants for them. Wonder what will go wrong this christmas and if Hazelam will be spending christmas 2013-2040 trying to get a refund? :p

    • SCEE doesn’t set prices for 3rd party games.

    • Actually I rather think the Sine Mora error is just an infinite regress; What one gains by refund one has spent on Cust Service. hence the problem is not solved in that case unless calls are refunded too.

  3. Good to hear, it was the Xmas deal last year that swayed me to sign up to plus.
    Still a member to this day, looking forward to see whats on offer this time around :)

  4. I hate these kind of sales.

    I have limited money, and just hate trying to decide whether to buy X or wait in the hope of Y.

    Steam’s flash deals annoy me for this reason too.

    Why can’t they just publish a list of what game goes on the flash sale at which time?

    • Yeah. In the autumn Steam sale they sold stuff like sins: rebellion and borderlands 2 and then one day cut the price even more through the flash sales.

      As I have said before that is commercialism at its most cunning and exploitative; and we are supposed to respond by feeling an injustice I suppose because we think we are getting a bargain, but are we really?

      I too have to watch my money, at least PSN doesn’t bullshit around like Steam. (I mean in psychologies of course, I know people are peeved off by Sony’s error with Sine Mora)

    • yeah, how many people miss out on something they really want because they bought something too early.

  5. None of the games appealed to me (or already owned) last year so I’m hoping there will be at least one this time.

  6. Here’s hoping they include Vita with some good stuff. I’d certainly like to see a good few PSP titles discounted as well. finger crossed :)

  7. Anyone else wary of buying stuff in case it pops up on plus later though?

    • Well, I wasn’t before, but I am now. Thanks!

    • Not really.

    • Not especially.

    • No, but I am wary of spending my money on say Day 6 and seeing a game I’d want much more on Day 7.

      Or not spending my money on Day 6 and seeing no game I want more pop up, but I’ve missed my chance…

  8. Loved last years Christmas sale and look forward to this one.

  9. Good thing ive just got a new Loan and a 2x 1tb hdd on the way!

  10. Would be great to see battle all stars @ sub £15

    • Haha – Dream on! You have more chance of EA giving away online passes for free! :D

      • funny thing about that, they actually did that with Kingdoms of Amalur, even though it’s a single player game it had an online pass.
        as far as i know it just gave access to a faction quest line and a set of armour styled of the Mass Effect N7 armour.

        though i’m sure that was a mistake.
        though it did take them some time to realise and fix it. ^_^

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