Lemmings Appears For Free For PlayStation Mobile (And, Thus, Vita)

It’s not clear whether it’s a mistake or not (and we won’t know until Sony publish the official PSN Store Updates later) but at the moment Lemmings is there on the PSN Store, and it’s free.


It’s a PlayStation Mobile game, and so lacks a few of the online options we might have expected, but it’s still a solid game after all these years, and for absolutely nothing it’s hard to complain too much.

And it’s nice to finally see it released.

DLC (for extra level packs) isn’t quite as gracious with the pricing, but for the moment, and if you’ve got 136MB free on your Vita’s memory card, this is pretty hard to skip over. Yes, it’s essentially the same game as the PSP version of old, but those puzzles are still brilliant.

We’ll be back with the full PSN Store update at 3pm, as usual.



  1. love this game!, just about to fire up the Vita

  2. Arse! I’m in the middle of a dungeon in Persona 4 and need to do the system update first, so I’m going to have to hope this stays free for a while!

  3. Downloading now! I feel kinda guilty though, if it is a genuine mistake.

  4. I think it’s meant to be free, as most game modes seem to be unlocked by paying.

  5. If only mobile was available in my country…

  6. Its meant to be free to unlock the harder levels is £1.99 and for the special levels its 79p.

    If the just priced for the full game and a trial I wouldn’t mind but this feel a little under handed probably still end up buying with it being the original level designs and using touch screen.

    • Yeah, and its happening with a few PSM games now. Will give it a try but honestly can’t be bothered with anything further.

  7. It isn’t a mistake, it is a free game with IAP.

    • Also PlayStation Mobile does not update at the same time as PlayStation Network. Content is added to the Mobile Store, Tuesday nights around 6pm Pacific Time, (Early Wednesday mornings for all you across the pond ;) ).

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