Community Round-Up: 15/12/12

Been a bit of a big week, hasn’t it? Lots of highs and lows. Like Gazza swanning off on a mini-break with his friends, which leaves it up to me to hold back Steven’s insanity for another week. Then there was that whole 12/12/12 12:12:12 thing going down, and then everyone got sick of everyone else tweeting about it. Or that thing we all asked for turning out to be Velocity HD, which we did all ask for, but us not actually getting it until next year?

So cruel, Futurlab. So very, very cruel!

Not even a new Friday Quiz for you this week, but we have some nice giveaways down in the forum section below. So instead we push on to a rather quiet Meets section.

It’s business as usual tomorrow evening, though, with a Dirt Showdown meet at 6PM from R1MJAW and a GTA4 meet at 9PM from GTOWN.

For those of you with a love for F1, I’m also running a big 50% race in F1 2012 at Germany’s Hockenheim ring tomorrow at 5PM. There’s plenty of space left, and the more the merrier.

That’s all there is so far, though! If you’ve got 250 TSA points you can always add a game to the meet list and curry up some company in the meets forum.

It’s still full steam ahead, as we forge towards our little Christmas/end of the year break, with a review of Zone of The Enders HD Collection coming to you from everyone’s favourite Johnny Cullen, Johnny Cullen! Whilst showing their age graphically, but the gameplay is still just as good as before. 

This is followed up with a Wii U review of Little Inferno from Greg for another 8/10, and a quick scoreless review of Futurlab’s PSM title Surge, a fast paced “match 3” game which Dan seems to really, really like!

Reviews done, it’s over to my terrible domain… the preview! I’ve had posted a trio of big previews, looking at Aliens: Colonial Marines and interviewing Chris Neely, the game’s Art Director. Then I previewed the new game from the legendary Ron Gilbert, The Cave, before sitting down with the man himself, and then I played Bioshock Infinite and put a few questions to the equally legendary Ken Levine.

Lewis also pitched in with a preview of multiplayer from one of his most anticipated games, God of War: Ascension.

Elsewhere, Al caught up with Shawn McGrath, creator of Dyad, for an interview about Mass Effect, Journey, Journalism and plenty more besides. Al also too a speculative look at what we could see as a PlayStation 4 launch line up, whilst Greg saw how Mass Effect 3 compared on the Wii U to other versions.

Last week’s Chronicle featured Elpablo79’s set up, and we caught the results on the WeView for MotorStorm RC before putting Asura’s Wrath into the hotseat. What We Played hit #83, and the Podcast hit #85.

All of this under a wave of TSA’s Top 10 for 2013 articles, giving you all a recap of what the staff in particular are looking forward to next year. Just have a look here, and you’ll get the whole list, currently up to number 36.

Finally, we head to the forums, to see what you’ve all been up to.

That’s your lot for this week.

Next week… Steven.



  1. The PSN Store update this week went up at 12:12 on the 12th. No-one noticed! :)

  2. Next week…. Steven.

    Might as well read “next week…. Christmas ruined”. :-p

    • Better pray that those Mayans were right!

      • If they don’t end him, I will. ;-)

      • if the mayans were wrong u can kill him on saturday at 11:36 AM… thats when he takes his scheduled piss.
        but don’t tell anyone i said that! :P

      • HA! I’m at work(voluntary) all day so HA and HA! I may have to double check any loo i used as i know for a fact that MJB can hide in them due to him being a stalker. :O OH GOD! *gets flashbacks to that incident and tries to kill it with Beer/wine/mindbleach/pepsi*

      • *whistle and denies anything happend*

      • Barsteward! *posts the CCTV footage to the police*

    • oh god… i can’t wait.

  3. Apologies for the lack of meets on my behalf, i’ve not really been at a pc to pop any up. That said, the usual crew should know when they are & what they are for, so there shouldn’t be any ambiguity on that front!

    At least i hope not… :)

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