First Black Ops II DLC Confirmed For Xbox 360 This Month

Activision has sent through the announcement that the first Black Ops II DLC is coming. It’s exclusive to Xbox 360, at first, as is normal for the world’s biggest console game franchise. It’ll arrive on the Xbox Live Marketplace on January 29th, worldwide.

The pack is called “Revolution” and will feature four new multiplayer maps, an “Original Zombies co-op map” which is “entirely new” and a new Zombies game mode that allows you to actually play as an unfortunate member of the shuffling, unthinking undead. I might be good at that, I had plenty of practice of Christmas. There’s also going to be a new bonus multiplayer weapon for the first time in the series’ history – the Peacekeeper SMG.


The four maps are:

  • Downhill – set on the French Alps in a ski resort so expect plenty of high-ground to fight over as well as danger in the form of the resort’s gondola system which is moving around..
  • Mirage – set in the Gobi desert amid an ageing luxury resort. This place has been hit with a sandstorm and you’ll have to fight through it with a mix of long range and close quarters.
  • Hydro – a flooded hydroelectric dam in Pakistan pops up to add another environmental setting to the mix.
  • Grind – set around a skatepark in Venice Beach, the oddly curved structures will encourage new ways to take cover, apparently.

The new Zombies map is set in a collapsed Chinese city, so expect lots of toppled skyscrapers. It’ll be 1200MSP, or $14.99 when it launches on other platforms that don’t use Microsoft Super Pennies. It’s widely assumed that the DLC will arrive on PS3 and PC about a month after this Xbox 360 debut so there’s not to long for those who prefer their FPS action on those platforms to have to wait.

Source: Press release



  1. I thought “Downhill” was the direction this game had taken.

  2. old news nothing to see move along now!
    was in the news a few days ago?

  3. Well after enjoying the first month playing this game, I can definitely say DLC wont be happening for me. This game has gone “Downhill” and as usual is the normal lagfest disaster like past CODs.

    Lets hope the new generation can bring a COD that actually is enjoyable and lag free, I doubt it though.

  4. Never bought any COD DLC before (and hate the DLC model as a whole) but I certainly have my MS points put aside ready for this one. Best COD in years and one I’m really addicted to at the moment so the more content the better :-)

  5. Can now play as the “shuffling, unthinking undead”? After 10 minutes online I thought most people were doing this anyway. A handful of chimps then figured out they could just spam the top few zombies by flooding IP addresses before munching on a banana.

    I know that there will be many TSA members playing the game properly, but as mentioned by Bilbo – it runs like crap online.
    Damn I long for a game with great visuals, new ideas, fantastic community support and polished to near perfection, ya know – Killzone 2 style.

    • KZ2 was probably the most enjoyable FPS I have played online, KZ3 was terrible though and they ruined a great game. The next one I hope is going to be amazing, possibly for the PS4 too.

      • Wow I thought I was the only one that thought that about KZ2.

      • I actually much preferred Killzone 3 to the second. It didn’t take 5 clips of ammunition to kill someone.

      • @Origami Killer – same. KZ2 had far more options but I found myself playing KZ3 a lot more. I dunno, the maps just felt better and you unlocked stuff more frequently.

    • Loved Kz2 with a passion but never got into 3.Mag remains my favourite shooter this gen though for offering a truly different experience and being totally ruthless.

  6. Only interested on zombies map. Release that as a stand alone map – I couldn’t care less about multiplayer maps.

    • Where as I couldn’t care less about zombies but want the multiplayer maps. If only we could buy half each!

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