Analyst Points To $400 Price Point For PlayStation 4

If it’s not Sony executives teasing next gen console announcements these days, it’s analysts trying to figure out how much they’re going to cost.

The latest on that is from Baird Equity Research, who, after studying information from CES last week and after speaking “with a number of companies involved in video game development and distribution” have pitched a potential price of $400.

That’s around £250, although it’s highly unlikely that we’ll see such direct parity, given shipping, taxes and so on. Expect something closer to that in pounds.

The analysts think October will be the month that the PS4 launches, with the next Xbox the following month. Most people agree that May is a likely reveal date for the next generation, with E3 used to showcase the actual games.

“We expect the E3 trade show in June will take on added significance, most likely providing the industry with the first public opportunity to examine next-generation hardware,” says an analyst at the firm. We’ve already speculated about what that hardware could be.

“Our checks suggest that next-generation console hardware will be largely built from ‘off the shelf’ high-end PC components, along with hybrid physical/digital distribution models, enhanced voice controls and motion sensing (Kinect integration with every Xbox), and broad multimedia capabilities.”

The analyst also warned of “early production issues” with the PS4.

Sony has yet to officially confirm anything, replying with a “no comment” when pushed.


  1. £250 is an excellent price but i suspect it will be 300-350. It would be a hard sell for most people if they do price it at the latter price. They need to ensure there is a lot of games during the first 6 months unless they want a repeat of the PS3’s early life.

  2. That’s if Sony ain’t fighting a war to win some new DVD format they invented maybe a 4K blu ray will be ps4 thing

  3. The most I will pay would be £300.
    Price wars come Christmas (if Sony and M$ both have nexgen put) will be interesting.

    • Unless it has new standard video format.
      The wife was happy with ps2 as it was a cheap way to get a DVD player.
      She was happy with the ps3 as it was a cheap way to a blu ray player.

      Ps4 needs to have some amazing feature to justify the joint account paying for it, rather than out of my pocket! Haha!

    • PS1 launch price RRP = £299 (if memory serves me)
      PS2 launch price RRP = £299 (if memory serves me)
      PS3 launch price RRP = Too much for me
      PS4 launch price RRP =£299 (makes perfect sense considering the number of people that didn’t buy it at the launch price)

      If they’ve learnt from this then good on them. Also, it means I might have a PS4 earlier in the life-cycle than I did with the PS3 as I waited for the first price cut before throwing down.

      • Yes but you had to buy your multitaps, memory cards, network cards etc… separately.

      • PS3 launch price RRP £425

        I’ve bought every PlayStation on launch day but I’m in 2 minds this time. Launch titles will make up my mind. That and Home with cross game chat. ;)

  4. Sad to say but if it’s over £300 I won’t pick it up day one. But a that, I’m sure I can stretch my budget to accomodate that and every release game they have :P

  5. No plans to jump straight in to the PS4. Unless of course its shiny.

    …mmm shiny stuff…..

  6. If it plays used games, I’d likely get it on day 1. Of course it’d have to have a solid launch lineup; games from first parties along with UltraHD upscales of games like the Last of us would convince me.

    • I would too, but guessing from rumour and spec leaks it wont be happening, so I’ll be late to the PS4 party if at all. No backwards compatibility means I might look to MS this gen.

  7. £400 is fine if it’s lasts 6 years. Certainly better than £400 for an iPad that gets replaced after 6 months. My PS3 has been great value for money compared to most tech around over the same period.

    • You’ve got a point there!
      In line with other technology £500 for a console may sound a lot but isn’t really although you do then have to splash out £40 every time you want a new top title game so I guess there’s 2 ways of looking at it.

    • I got my PS3 in 2008 for £300 and it came with Fallout 3, COD: WAW, LBP, Resistance 2 and LOST. My iPhone in 2010 cost £600 and came with some crappy headphones…

      • I think mine was 450 with resistance and an extra controller 2 weeks after launch

  8. Wow, these analyst guys must be pretty smart to predict the price of a console thats not even announced yet. Whats the point!!!

    I wonder how many of them predicted the PS3 would cost £500!!!

    • At least one predicted $500

      It launched in the UK with a £425 RRP

    • There was even talk of it costing $600 as it was well know that the PS3 would cost in the region of $800 to build.

      If the analysts have solid detail on what’s in a console then predicting the price isn’t that hard for them.

    • I predict…

      It’ll run off the mains, out put video to a TV, will be packaged in a box…will have a slim version eleased years after the original….

      Games will still require a day 1 patch…will play similar to PS3 games, but look…better…

      The vision fades….

      Can i get a job here?.

  9. Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be a launch title. You’ve heard it here first!
    If that hope turns out to be true, I’ll pick one up on day one.

    • Yeh if you are right with that, then that would ensure I parted with my cash for the PS4

  10. Wonder what the production issues are. Id happily pay £300-£400 on a new console

    • You’d think with off the shelf parts that would be less likely.

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