PlayStation Store App Patched And Updated To 1.02, Now Much Snappier

The ‘new’ PlayStation Store application on your PlayStation 3 is now snappier. That’s the adjective everyone seems to be using on the internet this afternoon, and after a quick patch (taking it to version 1.02) we’d probably agree.

Loading times are somewhat quicker, it appears to be a tad smoother to navigate and it’s generally just a big nicer to use. Snappier. Yes. We approve.


The new PlayStation Store was announced last October to much excitement, and is a considerably richer environment than the old Store. It’s an application though, one that requires a further load, but with this latest patch that doesn’t seem to be such a chore.

Sony have promised to keep working on it, too, with things like a searchable download list due at some point this generation. Which will be really handy for Plus.

The patch is 26MB.



  1. I would assume this partly prepping for the PS4 and that a full working fully featured store would be ready for launch. I can’t see them building another one from scratch.

  2. I welcome the smallest of improvements to the awfully slow Store – but lets hope further improvements such as the download histroy search function come sooner rather than later, given where we are in the console’s lifecycle.

  3. Still hate the new store, so clunky and badly set out, especially the plus section that uses 60% of the screen with logos and adverts for ps+.

    • You’re spot on about the adverts. It’s like, yes Sony I know Plus exists, I’m on the frickin’ page for it!

  4. I actually have liked the new store from the get go. Loading times are sometimes on the slow side but all in all, I’ve thought it was really good.

  5. Cool, any improvements are welcome.

  6. Same here, the new store is great once you figure out where they’ve put stuff & how to manipulate the filters ;)
    Hopefully the patch will stop the timeouts I’ve been getting?

  7. prefer the new store.

    • Same here, it’s a lot better.

  8. Used to actually browse the old store, those days are long gone. Only ever venture into the new one if I’m actively looking for something and it’s so bad to navigate that even if I don’t don’t find what I’m looking for, that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Unimpressed.

    • My sentiments exactly! I always used to browse the store, see what I could treat myself to if I had a little spare time\cash… But I avoid using the store altogether now unless there’s something I KNOW I want. Even then I tend to leave it until the plus content is updated so I can do it all in one fell swoop!

      Wish we could choose which design we want, old or new :-( I know that never would\could happen but that’d be my ideal.

    • I’m the same. I never browse the store and just buy something on a whim like I used to. I wonder though whether the 2 things are actually related. I think maybe I’m less inclined to turn my ps3 on these days unless I’ve got a game I’m actively engaged in. Lots of reasons for that but I used to play all major releases plus quite a few not so major ones. Now I’m much more selective.

  9. The new store’s great, besides the useless search function.

  10. I’ll I have to take from this article that store is faster because sky broadband by me has gone really awful in the last week. I think it’s time to move back to Virgin.

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