PSN Maintenance Extended, Down Until 18:30 Tonight

The PSN maintenance, which was scheduled to be completed by 8 AM this morning, has over-run, according to official PlayStation channels.

The downtime is now expected to remain until this evening, with SCEE stating 18:30 GMT is the time you should be back up and running.


The maintenance window was for unspecified (although scheduled) reasons, with Sony stating that online play wouldn’t be affected if users signed in before the servers were tinkered with.

For full details on what was supposed to be down and what wasn’t, click here.

There was no reason given for the extended downtime.

Update: It seems like the network will remain down until approximately 22:00 GMT tonight, according to a reply on the PlayStation forums.



  1. Dammit. I was hoping it’ll be sorted. I wanted to do some online gaming today as well. Guess i’ll have to wait til tomight then.

  2. That really sucks, just turned the PS3 hoping to do a little Mass Effect 3 co-op, seeing as you know, I decided not to drive to work because of the snow.
    Now I’m going to have to play offline, I knew I should have bought Retro City Rampage yesterday.
    I have a 50+ game backlog to pick from, where to start….

  3. I just switched my PS3 on and it logged into PSN?

    • You can log in but can’t play online or use the store

  4. PSN = Snow Closed? Can’t blame Sony if that’s the case, I’m now gonna be stuck at work after my morning shift finishes :( But at least I have the last TSA podcast for amusement!

  5. I really hope it doesn’t overrun again and effects tonights meet!

    • Looking like that showdown meet is in danger with the new announcement…

      • I hope so too was looking forward it

  6. How come my son can sign in and so can my friend you need to sort this out

    • You can log in but can’t play online or use the store

      • I can’t sign in that’s usually the case for me if there’s maintenance due I have to make sure I’m signed in and during maintenance can see people on my friends list happily signing in and out but 9 times out of 10 if I sign out during maintenance I can’t sign back in.

  7. I can’t login. One thing they dont mention is that any PS+ games you havent played for a while will not autheticate, just tried RDR and it doesn’t work

    • Ack….Oh well. Borderlands 2 it is then.

  8. I’m prompted to download a new FW update 4.31 just now?

    • And when I check online it’s from October? I play everyday, why today I’m prompted it’s essential? Something afoot Watson.

  9. As usual my online play wasn’t affected last night, and I only signed in after work, at about 630pm.

  10. I still can’t log in.

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