Community Round-Up: 19/01/13

Fingers crossed Gazza gets all his coursework done on time, since he’s cutting it a bit fine! So, in his stead, I’m back to fill in. Yes, I’m sparing you from another instalment of Steven’s gibberish, so I imagine he’s just doing something incredibly silly with his free time instead. Perhaps hiding inside a snowman, waiting to pounce at unsuspecting passers by?

So without much further ado, lets crack on with this week’s round-up.

Hopping right in with the meets this week, we have the regular Dirt Showdown meet on Sunday night at 6PM, followed by GTOWN with Borderlands 2 at 9PM. He’ll be starting afresh from the very beginning of the campaign, for some regular cel shaded carnage.

Monday sees the second week of the revitalised TGMEM Gran Turismo 5 get underway at 7PM on Monday night, followed by a long gap before we get to Friday and Youles’ Dirt Showdown meet.

That’s it, so far, but if you fancy getting a merry band of like minded silly people, feel free to set up your own meet for a game and get playing!

We have a pair of fresh reviews for you this week, with Kris taking a thorough look at the rebooted DmC: Devil May Cry and Dan playing around with Anarchy Reigns, with both garnering rather favourable reviews. Al gave us a preview of the upcoming Ni no Kuni, which looks wonderful, while Peter went voice on with the Sing Party karaoke game on Wii U. I also had some hands on time with the MAG II gun controller, giving you my early impressions of an interesting new control system.

With a depressing week for many high streets, we have quite a few blog posts which look at HMV and Blockbuster’s entry into administration. Focusing on the former, Aran looks at what this means for gamers and the high street, with Peter giving some general advice on gift cards, though these will now be honoured in store. He also speculates what Game might have planned, should they be able to get their hands on some of HMV’s larger areas.

Peter’s also been thinking about what the next rendition of the DualShock controller could entail, but you shouldn’t get too excited just yet, as Al tells us why the PS4 won’t be announced before May. All this amid a flurry of information and leaks with regards to next gen specifications, where he also puts a dampener on some of the drama with DmC’s revamped look.

Rounding us out with a bunch of regular segments, we have the Community Chronicle featuring topgearsam’s play area. WeView totted up the scores for The Unfinished Swan, before opening the voting for XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Finally, the Podcast and What We Played make their weekly appearance alongside the latest from Tuffcub’s Trailer Park.

Heading over to the forums, this week there have been quite a handful of nice new threads popping up mixed in with some golden oldies.

Alright, chaps. That’s us done for this week. Hopefully Gazza will be done with all his coursework next week and make his return.



  1. ‘Mcphatty shares something that’ll have your sphincter tightening’ sounds absolutey terrifying

    • He can be surprisingly gentle for the right price.

  2. The Dead Island stuff was superb, Tef. I’ll also be adding to the screenshots with something new today, I feel.

    Furthermore, in between trying to shake the bubonic plague (read: cough/cold) I’ll be gently sodomising the forums as usual. :-p

    • Ha! Yet more sphincter tightening in the offing? :P

  3. I did offer to do the round up this week but Lord Hipster kept throwing cowpats at me thus causing me to go into hiding and plan my revengance. Also, why do i keep waking up in a small flat that smells of Lynx? MJB, is that you!? OH GOD! I did discover why there are no comps of late but i can’t remeber what the reason was. Do remeber getting hit in the back of the head and waking up on a barge that was headed towards china. :O Oh and i may send in a guest article next week, you lot can’t stop me MWHAHAHAHAHA, okay, maybe Kris can but the point still stands. :P

    • …eh that MJB fella is a ninja or something in your realm?

  4. Good to see that forum’s general chat is abundant of life :)

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