Community Round-Up: 26/01/13

I’ve had a short break as I’ve been a bit swamped with coursework. Totally my fault, I’ve had it since September but typically left it until the last weekend to do! So thanks to Steven and Tef for covering for me.

Anyway, the world has kept spinning and so has TSA, so let’s get on with this weeks Community Round-up!

Starting off with the Meets, tomorrow sees Teflon’s F1 2012 meet at 4pm, featuring a 50% race distance of Melbourne. Coincidentally, there’s only 48 days left until FP1 at Albert Park. Is it obvious I’m really bored in the off-season?

Anyway, R1MJAW also hosts the usual DiRT Showdown meet a while later at 6pm, while Kitch hosts a Borderlands 2 meet at 9pm.

Monday night sees the usual GT5 meet at 7PM hosted by Manorhowze, while Forrest’s second DiRT Showdown meet takes place at 8pm on Tuesday. Keep your eyes peeled for the usual meets like BF3, or you can create your own Meet provided you have 250 TSA points.

Kicking off the reviews and previews is Al’s 6/10 review of The Cave, a good game with a few too many flaws to rate higher. Meanwhile, Aran gives us his impressions of Dead Space 3, and Tuffcub went hands on with Tomb Raider’s Multiplayer; something which has caused quite a stir recently, but luckily sounds pretty good!

From the blogs, Kris questioned the importance of being challenged, while Alex took a final Journey through the desert. Tuffcub shared his thoughts on why all AAA games insist you have forgotten that ‘X means jump’, and talks “Whippet RAM”, when it comes to his own specially cultivated Next Gen rumours.

Similarly, Al has a laugh with some In App Purchases we really wouldn’t want to see in games, following the news Dead Space 3 will contain them. But on a slightly more serious note, Aran takes a moment to reflect on what is news?

Colinbarr sent in his gaming rig for the Chronicle last Sunday, whilst the WeView Verdict for XCOM: Enemy Unknown resulted in an unanimous verdict of buy it, before Assassins Creed 3 took the hot seat in this week’s edition. Tuffcub’s Trailer Park is chock full of videos once more, as the ever reliable Greg delivers What We Played #89 and we finish off with the usual Podcast.

The Forums have definitely been a bit more lively, let’s hope it continues throughout the whole year! Let’s take a look at what’s been going on then:

That’s it for this week. I hope you all have a good weekend, I’m especially looking forward to the new series of Top Gear starting tomorrow night! Have a good week too and I’ll see you all next time!

– This post saw the return of Gazza to the keyboard to write the round-up.



  1. F1 2012 50% race meet 4pm Sunday
    GT5 TGMEM meet 7pm Monday

    *cough* places still available!

  2. I would love to attend on GT5, but then you should throw the meet on 8:00 pm.

    • Just come along whenever you can. Most of us will still be going around 8:30, and trickle onwards until 9, maybe?

      Worth booting up the PS3 for to have a quick looksie, anyway. :)

    • Yeah we are usually on for a while so you can join at 8 if you like.

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