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inFAMOUS: Second Son Picks Up 7 Years After Previous Games

Nestled firmly within Sony’s PlayStation 4 vanguard, inFAMOUS: Second Son is making somewhat of a departure from previous instalments in the series.

First off, you’ll no longer be taking the helm as super-charged poster-boy, Cole McGrath.

Instead, players will assume the role of Delsin Rowe, a hot-headed Seattle native who has never had much respect for authority. Even less so after being imbued with superpowers and hunted by the Department of Unified Protection (DUP) as a suspected “bio-terrorist.”

Seven years have passed since the resolution to Cole McGrath’s story and, as a result, super-powered humans have been cropping up here and there all over the world. Fearing the worst, the DUP is immediately formed in order to detain or destroy anyone who might threaten the safety of America’s people.

Unlike Cole, Delsin commands the power to manipulate, create, or even transform into smoke constructs. How this will transfer into actual gameplay remains to be seen, though the debut trailer suggests that there could be a heavy focus on both stealth and melee.

Finally, Sucker Punch has confirmed that the central themes of Second Son are both liberation and value of freedom, as touched upon by Nate Fox during the game’s announcement.

Expect to hear more in the coming months, leading into E3 2013.


  1. Interesting… I hope it turns out to be a greater game than the first two Infamous’s.

    …and the DUP?? wat the hell are they doing? they shouldn’t be taking third jobs. *rolls eyes* and silently grabs coat and runs*

    • Nice political reference there!

  2. the only thing i know is, that i saw a huge tower in the trailer and i love it already! i loved climbing that tower in Infamous 1

    • yeah, that section was actually really fun, also kind of annoying when i fell off, especially when it wasn’t my fault, which was only half the times i fell off ^_^, but still fun.

  3. i wonder which ending they’ll consider official for this game, because the two different endings would have produced to wildy different worlds.

    i can’t wait to see what SP can do with the power of the PS4, i have faith they’ll make a very enjoyable game, they usually do.
    given what they achieved with Infamous 2 on PS3, they could do something amazing here.

    maybe they can use some of that PS4 power to make a main character that can actually walk as well as run, cole’s slowest speeds were either a half jog or stop.

  4. its all smoke and mirrors…….

  5. I got bored towards the end of inFamous 1 and never finished it, had no interest in inFamous 2 because if my feelings towards 1 so I appreciate that they give the franchise a fresh start into the new generation. Although the TV series Heroes got progressively worse throughout the seasons, I liked the principle so I’ll definitely keep an eye out for this one.

    • To be fair, Infamous 2 was 10times better than the original, in my opinion. Story seemed more interesting, the whole moral choice thing was handled better and the available powers felt more fun.
      I couldn’t finish the original but I did two 100% playthroughs of the second one, both good-guy and bad-guy.

  6. Sounds pretty cool, the new protagonist has a weird name though.

  7. Excited to see this, obviously a game to pick up with a PS4! Though I do hope Sucker Punch make a new IP at some point rather than getting stuck making inFamous for the rest of time, variety is good.

  8. Looks ace……can’t wait to see/hear more about this as I really enjoyed InFamous 1 & 2. (2 more than 1)

  9. Has my attention but need to see more to get a good handle on things. However, Sucker Punch have been splendid thus far.

  10. I take it the “Bad” ending must be the cannon ending then, because ( Spoilers ) i thought the good ending effectively cured anyone who was a conduit.

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