“World Of Tanks” Xbox 360 Boxart Appears

world of tanks

World of Tanks, the hugely popular free to play shooter, is apparently heading to the Xbox 360.


Rumours had surfaced of the game recently, which is currently limited to PC desktops, but – if the boxart is to be believed – that’s set to change with a console release.

Current gen, which isn’t a huge surprise, but what’s more curious is whether or not World of Tanks, which doesn’t cost anything on the PC to actually play, will be behind the Xbox 360’s LIVE paywall.

Microsoft are having their own press conference shortly – we’ve got Peter and Kris pretty much at the front row (so listen out for their no doubt ear shattering applause) so hopefully we’ll hear and see more of this game later today.

Source: Twitter.



  1. Great for them… although not particularly interested… especially since they were able to nickel and dime enough out of their players to be able to put prime-time adverts on the telly box.

  2. Unless it’s not F2P at all on the 360. MS apparently turned down Tekken F2P.

  3. Could be canned applause like their reveal event lol :’)

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