Community Round-Up: 22/06/13

The biggest piece of news this week’s was the Xbox’s One Eighty (see what I did there?) [you and the rest of the internet – Tef] on its controversial features which seems to have been well received by everyone. Anyway, now that balance in the universe has been restored, let’s check out what’s been happening on TSA in this week’s Community Round-Up!

The TSA E3 Bingo Competition Results were posted yesterday; well done to FriendlyFiend and RyanMartin, who were our winners! You can check out all the scores, and also compare how well you did against the staff to gain some serious bragging rights.

Onto the Meets, and we begin with Manorhowze’s Grid 2 meet at 4pm tomorrow, followed by Motalla’s Motorstorm Apocalypse meet at 7pm. Motalla is also hosting a DiRT Showdown meet at 8pm on Tuesday.

I imagine Monday night’s GT5 meet and Forrest’s Battlefield meet should pop up within a day or two, and there’s even talk of picking up the old Killzone Boot Camps again. Keep checking back to see if anything else gets set up, or create your own meet provided you’ve got 250 TSA points.

Only two reviews this week, with Blair’s 8/10 for Game & Wario and Jim’s 6/10 take on DUST 514, the console sidekick to the massively popular EVE Online, but it’s nice to see that there are also previews from E3 still trickling through.

Firstly there’s Kris’s hands on with Ubisoft’s new racer, The Crew. He also had a look at Watch Dogs’ open world, and also OlliOlli, the Vita’s new 2D skateboarding game. Meanwhile Peter overdosed on Zombies, first with Dead Rising 3, and then with The Walking Dead: 400 Days.

Magic: The Gathering fans should also check out Jim’s interview with Adam Dixon about the upcoming Duels of the Planeswalkers: 2014. Alex also had a quick look at Super Luigi U.

Tactical20 showed off his rig in the Chronicle, while fan favourite BioShock Infinite becomes the focus of WeView. Aran’s Matter of Perspective Series looked at God of War, while IndieFocus got held up at Gunpoint.

Following the news that Microsoft were pulling a 180º turn on the Xbox One, with regards to the online DRM and pre-owned restrictions, Jim asked whether the damage had already been done, especially as Microsoft haven’t guaranteed they won’t reintroduce the controversial features further down the line. Tuffcub looked at the humorous side, with his Top Ten Xbox One Quotes. As always, Greg rounds things off with What We Played #110.

Heading on into the Forums now, it’s great to see them looking so busy:

And that wraps things up for yet another week. By the time you’re reading this, I should hopefully be jetting off to warmer climates, but I’ll leave you in capable hands. So until next time, bye!

This post was, as usual, crafted by the incredibly crafty Gazzagb. I hope he enjoys his big trip.



  1. One-eighty, that’s brilliant, I hope that’s your own invention Tef because in my eyes you’re now elevated to the dizzy heights of Pun God!

    I also like how the The Last Of Us forum thread seems to have evolved a more and more urgent blocked capitalled spoiler warning as they days have gone by. Even the blind can tell there’s spoilers now!

    • Ha! I certainly thought it, but I’m fairly sure there was someone who came up with and tweeted it after about 5 seconds. Everyone else is just slower.

      Also, it was Gazza who brought it into his round up. :)

      • Ah I keep forgetting Gazza does all the real work around here ;)

    • I wonder if Mjr Nelson has said anything else idiotic about the u-turn after the interview he gave about the DRM on the Xbone?

  2. ahhh those were the days..
    i had my third room as my gaming room..
    then along came my second girl..
    my gaming mecca soon became a fekin’ nursery..
    now i have been demoted to the conservatory…
    all the best youles..
    always a seat on the sofa for ya.
    just bring beer…lol.

  3. I personally think they should now call the Xbox One the Xbox 180. It perfectly describes the last months arguments & subsequent turnaround & it fits with the naming conventions of the Xbox 360!

    That said, it might seem more of a downgrade than the 360 (being a lower number), so they would have to go with the Xbox 540, but that just doesn’t have the same ring to it!

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