Microsoft And Xbox One Booed At Evo 2013

Last weekend at EVO 2013, the world fighting game championships, developer Double Helix teamed up with periphery maker Madcatz to demonstrate a new fighting stick for Killer Instinct.
Things were going quite well, with initial reaction to the game being positive until the words “exclusive to Xbox One. We have a great partnership with Microsoft” were uttered. The mention of Microsoft and their new console instigated a period of prolonged booing from the attendees.

Later on the game received a round of applause (there is a longer version of the video here) so Killer Instinct was not the target of the boos, just the console it will be appearing on.

It appears Microsoft have a long way to go to win back consumer confidence from core gamers.

Source: YouTube



  1. While I normally hate booing (that’s what you do to the panto villain when your 5 FFS), this is quite funny.

  2. Ha ha, pretty funny to be honest. The chap didn’t know what to do which made it even funnier.

  3. Xbox One has mostly been fixed (Unnecessary DRM removed), Microsoft hasn’t. It looks so corporate right now and miles away from its customers.

    Sony paid $400m for Gaikai, Microsoft $400m for the NFL partnership. If they want applause rather than boo’s they should go to some live sports convention.

    • Don’t forget Microsoft’s Xbox One exclusive partnership with mountain dew and Doritos…

      Surely that’s a game changer for braindead American gamers.

      • Mountain what?

      • Xenophobia is not welcome here. Gamers are not the enemy here, regardless of country of origin. FWIW, the American gamers that I know detest the Doritos and Mountain Dew BS that is now literring their Xbox dash.

  4. A slightly more neutral reading of this might be that the crowd were booing exclusives in general, especially when it involves their beloved fighting genre, rather than the Xbox One…

    I imagine the EVO crowd would be doing a lot more than booing if Street Fighter 5 was announced as a PS4 exclusive.

    • The comments on the Live stream were “Xbox Off!” etc – they were def booing Xbox One, not exclusives.

  5. I’m amazed “Yo yo yo” didn’t convince people.

    • It always works in my business meetings.

  6. i hate booing period. Its completely disrespectful and quite frankly childish. Doesn’t who it is, its just obnoxious and makes the Evo community look even less legit than before.

    • I always hate booing period. I dunno. Just feels like such an unmanly thing to do… 50% of the population has no choice, so it seems unfair to boo it!

  7. Boo

    • Aaaah!

      Sorry, you startled me.

      • Im a startling kinda guy ;)

      • Please read TSA’s policy on posting on articles whilst naked.


      • In this heat you almost need to be naked ;D

  8. Early days yet. MS still has the power to make more adjustments, and I think most of the anger will go away once people adjust to the online ecosystem (and they will). OTOH, I did preorder a PS4, not an Xbone.

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