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More InFamous Second Son Screens Released

Sony has just released some new screens of inFamous: Second Son for your viewing pleasure. The screens show various images of Seattle, the location where inFamous Second Son takes place, and an action shot of Delsin taking on the security forces.

The shot of the two Rowe brothers is from the trailer but the others do manage to show more of the game itself. It’s looking nice and I for one can’t wait to explore Seattle with super powers.

Source: Press Release


  1. Needs higher res images.

    • Yeaaaaah… Let me just kick some things about and fix that. :)

  2. freeking awesome!!!

  3. Looks awesome but I don’t think stills give a very good impression any more, there is so much dynamic material going into games that some can flat and generic statically but in motion look superb. I think the upcoming generation of consoles is going to feed this even more so.

    *Cannot wait!*

  4. This game looks great. The only thing that is bothering me is that everything seems to get foggy in the distance. Give me proper viewing distances without pop ins…

  5. Sun set looks stunning. Would love to see characters other than the security forces though. An image of the city during its daily routine would be nice.

    • Oh! Out of interest does anyone know who’s writing the soundtrack this time around? I loved the music in Infamous 2 and it would make my day if the same composers were involved.

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