Fez Studio “Working With Sony”

The development studio behind Fez, Polytron, is working with Sony and has further projects to reveal despite the abrupt cancellation of Fez II and subsequent departure of creator Phil Fish from the games industry.

Marie-Christine Bourdua, a producer at the studio confirmed this to Joystiq, saying that as well as the Mac and Linux ports of Fez being underway, there’s “other stuff on the way, too” and that the studio is “working with Sony” on an unrevealed project.


This could simply be a PS3 (yes!) and Vita (oh yes!) port of Fez or something completely different, though Eurogamer has pointed out that Fish said “Fez should eventually be out on pretty much everything,” in his Reddit Ask Me Anything.

It would be great to see Fez on Sony’s little indie machine – or perhaps even a new project from developer Polytron.



  1. Is it possible for the studio to make FEZ for PS3 or PSV, without Phil “Cry Baby” Fish around ? I thought the title was mainly his work ?

    • Yeah, they can just get on with porting the code and busting bugs.

      Fish would be integral to any revived Fez 2 project, though, since the world and gameplay is really his brainchild.

      • Yeah, as I understand it Fish is mainly the designer, the coders can port it themselves.

  2. Fez on my Vita would be just marvellous :)

  3. I though Vita Fez was already confirmed?

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