Rayman Legends Demo Part Of Tomorrow’s Store Update

Ubisoft has announced that a Rayman Legends demo will go live on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Market Place tomorrow.

The demo will feature three levels from the upcoming game, two of them equipped with Invasion Mode counterparts – a new playable mode. The third level will be a musical map themed to the song ‘Black Betty.’ Players will also be allowed to switch between characters thanks to access to the Gallery of Heroes.


You can read and watch Peter’s preview of the game here.

Rayman Legends releases on the 30th August for Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360, PS Vita and PC.



  1. Looking forward to this, I have Origins on Vita, but I think I’ll get this on Wii U. No demo for Nintendo?

    • I think this demo came out on the Wii U months ago.

      • Really? Awesome, I’ll check it out tomorrow. I’ve only recently got a Wii U, so I’m not fully up to speed on what’s available yet.

      • Yup, certainly sounds like the Wii U demo. We also get the added bonus in the Wii U demo of daily and weekly challenges, which are actually a lot of fun.
        Hardly makes up for delaying a finished game for 6 months but its better than nothing :)

  2. Lovely stuff, i’m looking forward to playing something along to Black Betty – besides an air-guitar .. ;)

    • That Black Betty level is awesome, especially at the end when Rayman has a twang on his air guitar, frickin hilarious!
      Fantastic demo, the full release should be an absolute corker, seriously looking forward to it!

  3. Cracking stuff, download list at the ready. The game looks to be of similar high calibre quality that Origins boasted, albeit with a humbled arrival!

  4. The shop I normally preorder games from added today Rayman Legends to its product list :D as soon as it’s available for purchase I’m going to buy it for PSV. The Rayman Origins PSV version was the best out there and same thing will happen with Legends, for sure.

    • I’ll probably double dip once the Vita version receives a discount. I just want to experience this glorious game in 1080p on a huge TV, like I did with Origins.

      • Believe me it looked just as good on the great PSV display and it played even better with PSV specific features (touch screen). But, nevertheless – we both agree Rayman Legends needs to be bought, ASAP! :P

  5. Cannot wait to play this. Currently charging my Vita for Rayman Origins as I am very close to Platinum!

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