Crytek Shooter “Warface” Coming To Xbox 360

Crytek has confirmed that its online-only shooter, Warface, will launch on Xbox 360 next year. The title has been in closed beta since January, launching exclusively in Russia before being made available in other regions.

Warface offers both co-op and competitive online multiplayer with four upgradeable classes to choose from. The game also benefits from CryEngine 3, the same tech used to power landmark PC franchise, Crysis, as well as upcoming titles including Xbox One exclusive, Ryse.


Though free-to-play, users will need to have an Xbox Live Gold membership to gain access.

Source: IGN




  1. so a subscription is required to play a feee to play game?

    Well done Microsoft, another brilliant decision

  2. Sounds interesting, will check it out.

  3. By the time this comes out I’ll be playing Blacklight: Retribution on the PS4 which is also free to play and you don’t even need PS+ to play it!

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