Killzone PS4 Bundle Leaks Out, Includes Camera And Extra Controller

If you were worried about shelling out over £500 for your PS4, Killzone: Shadow Fall, an extra controller and the PlayStation camera, then don’t worry – it seems as though there’s a bundle involving all of these on the way.


The image above comes from Amazon France, where the bundle is listed at 499.99 Euros, so that could be between £430 and £450 in the UK, which sounds like a great deal.

If they manage to price this the same as the Xbox One – which includes the Kinect camera and a copy of FIFA 14 – then Sony are onto a winner; an extra controller, a camera and Killzone: Shadow Fall are essential for the PS4 in my eyes.

While there’s a slight chance this might not be legitimate, Videogamer were told by Sony’s Fergal Gara about “detailed bundles and combinations that we will put on shelf at retail” so it seems as though this might just be one of many. A FIFA one, perhaps?

It looks really awesome, and I think I’ll definitely be buying one, providing I can switch my pre-order over to it when it appears on the UK marketplaces.



  1. posted this on hotukdeals this morning, you can order via the French Amazon site for delivery to UK

    • Probably not on release day though, right?

      • Sometimes these are fulfilled by Amazon UK even if ordered from France/Germany. It will depend on whether this pack becomes available on the UK site.

      • I’ll just wait for that. Hope we’re able to upgrade our current orders so as to not lose our place in the “queue”.

      • I’m hoping this will be made available to those that have already preordered without affecting their position in the ‘queue’

  2. Yep, an extra controller and the camera are essentials and Killzone Shadow Fall is one of the launch exclusives I would definitely want. Great stuff.

  3. Wow…

  4. Damn. That’s tempting. Far too tempting.

  5. Meh, cba with the camera.
    But if that bundle comes to Game I’ll probably pick it up, just cause I have the PS4 and Killzone pre-ordered, would want a second controller and when you add all that up it looks to be a good deal for the bundle

  6. Amazing bundle! You pretty much get the Camera for free + a discount on the controller or the game.

  7. The PS4 camera is essential? Since when? Apart from Playroom and avatar pics on Driveclub, I havnt seen why I must get one yet….

    • Something to do with the in built Move-esque light in the controller.
      The camera will be needed to track the movements

  8. An extra controller is essential, but I’m not too bothered about the camera. I’ll wait a while to see how Devs implement use of it, and if it’s lasting or just a short lived gimmick.
    I wonder if MS will have any exclusivity deal with EA regarding bundling FIFA with the console – Sony could effectively eliminate MS’s major selling point.

    • Never been interested in Move or Kinect but like some aspects of the camera for PS4, Playroom looks fun, but there’ll need to be a lot more to it before I spend £50 on one.

      • Seeing as Sony haven’t bundled the camera with the console, they’re going to have to convince a lot of people to buy it within the first 6 months. Otherwise, I think we’ll see many 3rd party Devs ditching it, leaving only 1st party devs utilising it, which in turn will put off people from buying it. It will be just like Vita, slowly being neglected more and more.

  9. I have placed a pre order through Amazon for just the console ages ago, and don’t really want to lose my place! Will I be able to switch to a bundle easily enough, or am I stuck with the basic console does anyone know?

    • Shopto were doing a swap thing with the x1 where you can upgrade without losing your place in line. Hopefully, they & others will do the same with the ps4! Not really a fan of FPS games, but I’d go for this offer as I have an extra controller on order & want the camera anyway! Crossing fingers on this one!

  10. Love this… would love it to appear on the UK Amazon site, as… well… hmmm… I kind of have that exact combination on pre-order with them already. Every little helps and all that right??

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