Rayman Legends’ Wii U Release Outsells All Other Formats

Following its home console release on Friday, Ubisoft’s Rayman Legends has entered the UK’s official software charts this week at Number 6, with Chart Track reporting the Wii U version outsold all other formats.

Figures show that the Wii U version of Rayman Legends – considered by many its definitive edition – accounted for 45% of the title’s total physical sales, beating the Xbox 360’s 35% share, and dwarfing the numbers achieved by the PlayStation 3.


Sony’s system managed 24% of total sales, although this may have something to do with PlayStation gamers instead opting to wait for the delayed Vita version, which whilst recently revealed to be missing some content, still includes the otherwise Wii U exclusive ‘Murphy’ co-operative multi-player mode.

The Chart Track figures also reveal that Legends has outsold it’s predecessor, 2011’s Rayman Origins, by around 20% in its opening weekend.

Rayman Legends is out now on PS3, 360, PC and Wii U, with the Vita version now due September 13th. We here at TSA adore the game, giving it 9/10 in our review.

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  1. Awesome, it’s good to see that the best version is recognised, and to have some promising news about the Wii U for a change!

    • I think the sales figures have more to do with their being bugger all released on Wii U that week (or that month tbh. Or year) vs Madden, Lost Planet, Saints Row et all on the other two consoles.

      • So cynical!

      • cynical maybe, but i bet it’s accurate.

      • I’m sure Wii U owners rejoiced at finally having something decent to buy; I wonder how many of them will end up taking it back though due to their parents picking it up thinking it was a Wii title. #mybrand

      • Indeed. And that even after a lot of WiiU owners complaining about the WiiU delay for the game and stating that they wouldn’t buy it…

        They just don’t have any choice.

  2. Considering the Wii U’s install base and the state of the UK charts I wouldn’t predict the actual numbers to be stellar.

  3. It’s a great game so hopefully the sales keep coming. The wii u works so good with it and i’d imagine the vita would too, as that touch screen is more responsive. Really cant see loads of those levels working on a ps3 or 360 though.

  4. 45%+35%+24% and no PC sales gives 104%…?

    • CVG’s maths, not ours… not sure what happened there.

    • PC was 1% according to a list I’ve seen.
      45% for the Wii U seems quite nice but imagine they hadn’t opted for a multi platform release… Sales would have been abysmal.

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