Sony Announce A New Console – PlayStation Vita TV

Sony have just surprised us all by revealing PlayStation Vita TV, a 6cm by 10cm (tiny) device which allows you to watch video and network services or even play Vita and PSP games on your TV, controlled by a DualShock 3.

It appears to be a small console which is powered by the same stuff as the Vita, and includes an HDMI port for hooking up to your TV. There’ll be 1300 titles available

The system also works as a companion device, which allows you to play PS4 games in another room without the need for a second console. That’s amazing.

It’ll be available in Japan on November 14th and will cost 9,945 yen or 14,994 yen with tax for a bundle including a controller and an 8GB memory card.

So, that’s about £70 for a device that allows you to play Vita games on your TV, or PS4 games in another room, as well as a plethora of TV and video content. I’m in.

UPDATE: We’ve been sent a few more details on the system from Sony.

  • There will be a system software update to patch in DualShock 4 support.
  • It can connect to other PS Vitas via ad hoc mode.
  • Two DualShock 3 controllers can be paired to the system, allowing for playing PS1 titles.
  • PS Vita can be used as a controller for some Wii U like functionality.
  • Will support “nasne”, a networked recorder and media storage device.




  1. This thing has the potential to be amazing. I already have a Vita so Remote Play is already a possibility but Remote Play on another TV is a great feature.
    I sometimes get locked in the bedroom when the missus has girlfriends over to watch girl TV stuff. :P
    With something like this in the household I wouldn’t have to take the Playstation with me.

  2. I cannot believe how amazing this is. You could have a family PS4 in the living room and buy one of these for the bedroom. It’s just genius. And Sony win.

  3. Great idea. Don’t really have to decide which room to put the ps4 in now.

  4. I’ve got no need for it so I’ll pass, but it sure sounds neat.

    • Same. My girlfriend doesn’t watch any TV shows that I don’t like so I can usually play my PS3 whenever I want, I also have little interest in the Vita and I have a media centre PC for web services etc.

      Even so I was trying to think of reasons to justify one of these! Have I become that much of a fanboy?

  5. Excellent news. PS4, PS Vita, Vita TV. Anybody want to buy a kidney? You dont need two, right?

  6. What a great little device. Sony certainly announced more than anyone expected. Nice to see something announced with no prior leaks.

    They’d be mad not to but do we know that this will definitely come to Europe yet?

  7. Sony coming straight out of left field. Really impressive tech. Makes sense if you have to use a different tv and dont want too move your PS4 around.

  8. Great use of existing Vita tech, I’ll have mine in black to match the 4 please :)

  9. Interesting. Think I might be in on this one.

  10. I was sold when i saw the white shiny thingy,what does it do again? Let’s hope it comes in black,i like to be colour co-ordinated.

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