Knack PS4 Install Is Apparently 37GB

The install sizes for PS4 games are going to be big with Killzone Shadow Fall coming in at 39.7GB, and Call Of Duty: Ghosts taking up 50GB of the console’s hard drive. Now it looks like Knack’s install size of 37GB has been leaked via Twitter user JoshLMusic, who has picked up the game prior to the PS4 release.

The figure comes in response to a query by another user asking whether the install size was present, with the reply being that the case had “HDD 37GB” in the information section.

This trend is unlikely to disappear so if you’re looking to hold a lot of games at a time on your consoles upgrading the hard drive would seem like a sensible idea.

We’ve contacted Sony for confirmation on the capacity Knack needs.

Source: Twitter



  1. “We’re gonna need a bigger boat” certainly springs to mind. Spoke on Twitter the other day and thankfully informed replacing hard drive won’t invalidate warranty. So, just gonna have to find the largest possible, compatible upgrade for it

  2. Will the xbox one have big installs too with the likes of call of duty or is it just ps4??

    • The three we are aware of so far is 35GB for Forza 5, 35GB for Dead Rising 3 and 47GB for Ryse. ~40GB per game seems to be the sort of figure to expect. Very glad I only intend to buy a new game every 6 months.

  3. I fully intend to upgrade my PS4 HDD as quickly as possible.
    It would be great to get my HDD before my PS4 and set it all up on day one but I’m still not sure which HDD I need.

    • Any 2.5 inch SATA-II HDD up to 12.5mm tall, the PS3 was up to 9.5mm.

      I’ll be buying most of my games retail as downloading them will fill up the 500GB pretty fast.
      Do we know how much space is reserved?

    • I ordered a 1TB Seagate SSHD ST1000LM014 from Amazon.
      It’s a Solid State Hybrid Disk, which has 8GB of SSD to store files which are accessed more often than others so important things can be accessed faster.
      Apparently the disk has an internal logic which decides which files to store where so it can learn and speed up things that happen more often.

      There was a video comparison between this disk and a regular disk inside two PS3s and they loaded Dragon’s Dogma at the same time.
      The SSHD was done first. They then went back to the menue and loaded up the same save file again, while the other PS3 still loaded the game for the first time. The SSHD was done with the second round slightly after the other PS3 loaded the save file for the first time. The second load up of the SSHD was also much faster than the first time. Hopefully that way loading times can be improved significantly if you only play one or two games on a regular basis because the important files are moved to the SSD part of the disk.
      Once you stop playing these games and start playing something else on a regular basis the disk should replace the old game files on the SSD with the new ones so the new game loads faster.

      The disk is only 100€ so it’s a small risk to take. Even if the loading isn’t improved that much it’s still a nice HDD upgrade for a reasonable price!

      • Interesting. I remember reading most advice saying SSD and Hybrid drives weren’t really useful as the HDD controller simply couldn’t handle enough bandwidth to make them financially justifiable. However, just having them load from any HDD is going to be heaven compared. God knows I’ve become used to PC gaming load times and the current gen consoles are disgracefully slow in comparison.

      • That’s a great help. I’ll have a look on Amazon.
        Thank you.

      • It seems to come down to HITACHI TRAVELSTAR 5K1500 at 1.5TB and 5400RPM for storage, or the mentioned Seagate SSHD ST1000LM014 at 1TB for speed.

        The question is how well the PS4 can handle a hybrid drive, and if the speed is worth the reduced capacity. Price is nearly identical.

      • I have to upgrade the HDD at the very beginning or else I won’t do it at all. Reinstalling and redownloading everything would be a huge pain in the ass..
        I got through this gen with an 80 GB PS3 so 1 TB should be more than enough, even with mandatory installs. I’m not afraid to delete content after I’m done with a game. I can always reinstall it.
        Hopefully the loading times do improve but if the PS3 video comparison I’ve seen is anything to go by, it should definitely help!
        The missus had an early Christmas wish so in exchange she will cover my SSHD purchase. :D

        Since my brother is also getting a PS4, I could do some load time tests.

    • Has anyone seen a ‘how to upgrade PS4 hdd’ guide yet? I’m guessing that as soon as the PS4’s released in USA we’ll get a glut of youtube videos.

    • Yeah thanks a lot mate, i need to be doing this as soon as I get my launch day ps4 but haven’t got a clue about these things

  4. This is partly why i’m sticking with disc purchases – i can delete games i’ve completed to make room and still have a reliable backup. What i’m keen on finding out about is the size of the smaller indie/psn games because that’s what i’ll be filling my hdd with.

    • I believe Killer Instinct is around 4GB if that’s any indication?

      • I think that is a good indcation – i think there will be plenty games which will be smaller than that.

      • Yep. Given KI’s payment model, I would imagine the 4GB download includes all the fighters, attires, stages, etc and you just pay to unlock them.

    • I think Flower is something like 600mb from what I’ve heard. Not everything is massive, especially those with Vita versions too.

    • You can still delete digital copies to free up space and re-download them later if you want to. With the PS4 play-while-downloading feature this will be even more feasible.

      Personally, I don’t like disc based games. Eventually I want to have a PS4 upstairs and one downstairs and it’s always a pain when a disc I want isn’t where I am. Not to mention it keeps my entertainment system a lot neater to not have a bunch of discs nearby.

      I’m thinking of getting a 2TB disc but they’re about $179 right now… May need to mess with the 500GB for a while and see if it’s enough.

  5. Does anyone know if the PS4 automatically manages this installed data to some extent? Or will we have to manually go in and delete installed data to free up space for new games?

  6. I’m surprised that Sony aren’t doing a official larger hdd. Money to be made there for sure.

    Btw I see on his tweets that there’s no manual. Really dislike how they’ve been phased out. Doesn’t seem right when you open the box & theres none in there.

  7. I think I read that 1.5tb is as big as you can currently get as a replacement for the HDD, perhaps some of you guys can do a bit of shopping around for the benifit of those who would consider a swap out from day one.

    • I was wondering about this. That’s a good size and I’m sure hardware revisions in the future will support even bigger drives. I’ll not be swapping out straight away, I’m sure the standard drive will give some of us a good two or three years without filling up and by then new drives should be much cheaper!

  8. I’ve got very used to the hard drive shuffle this generation, especially with PlayStation Plus and it’s wealth of goodies! We should all be used to it by now really, ever since we had memory cards you’ve had to manage your storage.

  9. Yep, these 500gb hdds aren’t gonna last long on the new consoles. Think I`ll swap my PS$ one with my 1TB PS3 one straight away!!

  10. And these installs are mandatory right, goddamn. I’ll be replacing the HDD as soon as the console arrives then. It’s annoying when the disc read speed has been dramatically improved and games like Uncharted hardly install anything on PS3.

    • Agreed, fella. Anyone thinking “I’ll replace the HDD soon” really needs to see if they can do it on day-one as it’ll be such a ball-ache down the line with all of your data on there. I’d hit 1TB+ straight away, if possible.

      • Yeah I think I’ll be doing this day one aswell, problem is I haven’t a clue what I’m doing, is it easy to do this kind of thing yourself or I am i better taking into a pc repair shop to do or something?

        Might set up a forum post at some point, would be good if we collected info about in there so as to make the process a bit smother for us all and work out which models/sizes are compatible, especially for non techy types (like me)

      • The HDD swap on the PS3 was wonderfully simple. A YouTube video to help and things were a doddle. If Sony has employed the same sort of swap-out with regards to the screw/caddy on the PS4 then pretty much anyone can do this.

        I’m 99% confident that we’ll all be fine but launch will reveal all. Hopefully we’ll see YouTube tutorial videos just before launch so people can plan ahead if need be.

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