Games With Gold Will Be Making Its Way To Xbox One In 2014

The Games With Gold promotion hasn’t always gained the most positive of reactions, with a big complaint being the games that are offered are incredibly old. However it is a system that offers free games to Gold members, and that promotion will be available on the Xbox One, updating each month.

It looks like Microsoft are keen to keep this a permanent feature of Gold, in an attempt to challenge Sony’s own PlayStation Plus.

Source: Twitter



  1. If it’s anything like the 360 one now then does it matter?

    If not even remotely on par with plus.

    • I agree except for the fact that the games the Xbox get they are able to keep forever, but with plus it’s just until the subscription expires.

      They could still do newer content tho!

      • Well, they get to keep the offline bit forever.

      • The use of the word ‘Access’ suggests this will be the same as PS+ on Xbone.

  2. Sooo, will they get Halo 2 in the first month?

  3. That’s good to hear, at least you won’t be getting 6 year old games on the X1.

  4. Cool, it’s looking like the experience is going to be pretty similar across the board no matter which console you choose.
    I would expect that since there is no backwards compatibility, the first Games for Gold will be from the X1’s launch lineup.

  5. Later in 2014 sounds kind of late, doesn’t it?

    • Well, they have to wait till they have some old forgotten games to give out! ;)

  6. Competition is good. This wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for PS+.

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