PlayStation Store Update: 27/11/13 – PlayStation 4 Launch Bonanza

The PS4 is almost upon us, and that means that this week’s PlayStation Store update is heavily laden with the hefty digital goodies and games, for you to enjoy on launch day.


Of course, there is also the latest PS+ content out today, bringing Contrast and Resogun to PS4 PS+ users, as well as GRID 2  and Guacamelee! (Cross-Buy) for PS3, Sonic & SEGA All Starts Racing Transformed for Vita and GTA: Libert City Stories for PSP with Vita compatibility. Quite the bundle of fun!

But the real headliners will be the PS4 launch games. Killzone: Shadow Fall and Knack are both £52.99 exclusives, while EA have brought their PS4 pricing down to the only slightly less unreasonable £54.99 for Battlefield 4, FIFA 14, NBA Live 14, Madden NFL 25 and Need for Speed: Rivals. There’s also Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Call of Duty: Ghosts at £54.99, while Lego Marvel Super Heroes and Injustice: Gods Among Us are £52.99. Just Dance 2014 is just £39.99, though, and NBA 2K14 seems to have been tucked away in a corner, at the regular £54.99 price.

Contrast and Resogun are both ordinarily £12.79 when bought outside of PS+, while Super Motherload is £11.99 and Trine 2: Complete Story £14.49, though both of these have PS+ discounts. Putty Squad brings that 90s goodness with it for £13.99, and Angry Birds Star Wars clearly wants to play with the big retail releases, considering its £32.99 price tag…

Almost of these games have various bits of DLC or Season Passes available for varying prices, and the PS4 Digital Upgrade Programme is also in full swing, for the relevant games.

But the PS3 also gets a little love, as Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition arrives for £29.99 (also out for Vita, but at £34.99, strangely) and Batman Arkham Collection brings the trilogy in a nice bundle for a princely £55.99, just like Tales of Xilia – Discovery Edition. Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory has a delightfully odd name, at £31.99, the same price as Young Justice: Legacy, while Painkiller Hell & Damnation is lowest of all at £19.99.

The Vita gets Fort Defense for £3.99, but is largely about the Escape Plan Collection‘s release, bringing the game to PS3 and PS4 in a Cross-Buy promotion for £15.99, and also sees Flower arriving from PS3 to both Vita and PS4, at £6.49 and with Cross-Buy. Flower’s rather pretty on Vita, by the way, and a freebie, if you owned it before.

Beyond all of this, there’s the usual smattering of DLC and the odd discount here and there, the details of which can be seen on the PS Blog.

So, anything tickle your fancy?

Source: EU PS Blog, PlayStation Store



  1. Oh, didn’t know Escape Plan was coming to PS3? I thought it was only gonna be on PS4 and Vita.

    I shall get Flower, Grid 2, Sonic Transformed I think. Anyone know if Fort Defense is any good, I enjoy a good tower defence game? If not I may pick up that CastleStorm instead.

    • Uuuuuuh… So, that’s a typo. It is just PS4 and Vita. Sorry!

      • Ah, bum. Had just loaded up the store. Still, will get that when I get a PS4 later in the year.

        The important thing, for me, is that I’ve added the new “free” PS+ PS4 games to my Download List for future enjoyment.

      • Haha, that’s ok – I don’t think there is cross-save (only cross-buy) so there’s no way I’d want to play it again anyway as it was a bugger to 100% on Vita due to the bad touch-screen gesture responses.

      • Ah that explains why i couldn’t find the PS3 version when i searched..twice :)

    • I have a question about Escape Plan. I have bought the original game on Vita, so does that mean I get the game on PS4, or do I have to have the Collector’s Edition?

      • Not too sure….I heard it was cross buy so you should at least get the main game and any DLC you’ve already bought. (Despite being the “collection” I suspect it will be broken down into the main game and each DLC pack as it was on the Vita).

  2. Been on the website and downloaded Resogun and Contrast in prep for Friday. I’m quite intrigued by the Arkham Trilogy, although whether I can justify £56 for games I may not like is a big gamble, especially as I’ve yet to pay for the PS4 and I’ve had a tax code problem, resulting in me losing more money than I’d like this month!

  3. I’m looking forward to trying out Flower on the Vita this eve. God only knows when i’ll have time to play everything else! :)

  4. Anyone remember February 20th? Can’t believe its happening. What a Journey.

    • Yep, the time has flown by. Just 30 hours to go, or a few more if your waiting for the delivery driver to knock.

  5. Is Knack no longer a free title? I thought that replaced Drive club?

    • No resogun replaced drive club

      • No, Contrast replaced Drive Club. Resogun was planned all along :)

      • Thumbs up :)

  6. By buying psn cards from cdkeys I have bought Fifa, assassins Creed and kill zone for £150,saving £12 and leaving me £13 in my psn wallet

    • Nice. I managed to pick up a £50 PSN card from Blockbuster for £30 at the weekend – 40% off FTW!

  7. Just ordered Lego Marvel from amazon and contemplating getting AC4 as well when I order the second controller. One of my first games on the PS4 will definitely be Flower since I didn’t get around to playing it on the PS3 and I’m sure it would make a gorgeous starting title. I don’t think I’ll be getting much else from PSN until there’s a sale since disc prices are much better if I import.

  8. the web store’s being a bit of a dick at the moment.
    i’m trying to add the plus games, but it seems insistent on charging me for some of them.
    Grid 2 came out free, but guacamelee and the Sonic racing game are trying to charge me the full price.
    i downloaded Liberty City Stories on my Vita ok last night.

    and it’s showing Remember me and Giana Sisters as not being purchased yet.
    but they’re showing on my download list on my PS3.

    anybody planning on using the web store might want to be extra vigilant when getting their plus content, in case they get charged for it.
    especially if you have a credit/debit card on your account.

  9. Okay, this is weird. I was looking at PS3 prices for games to see if its worth grabbing the PS3 version, then doing a cheap upgrade to PS4 and I found that the PS3 version are actually more expensive than the PS4 versions!

    For example, AS4:Black Flag (Std. Ed) is £54.99 for the PS4, but £59.99 for PS3.. WTF!?

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