Review Of The Year 2013: January

It’s probably not a great way to kick off our annual review of the year by stating that I don’t remember much of it. I don’t know whether I was just drinking too much, too caught up in work to care, or if 2013 was just extremely forgettable, but there have been far more memorable years in my life.

I think the fact that it was The Year of Luigi overshadowed it all.

But it shouldn’t be that way – 2013 brought a new generation of consoles, new friendships and new opportunities for me. It was one of the greatest years I can (sort of) remember. I’m completely skipping ahead of myself here, so let’s start with January.


January was a cold month. I mean, it probably was – I’m really not good at remembering temperatures and sensations (it’s like the opposite of a super power) but it was in the middle of winter and I live in Scotland, so let’s just assume it was cold. Let’s say that January was the coldest month of the year.

In fact, let’s do it the proper way and back that up with research, as we always do here on TSA. Right, erm, here we go. Temperatures for the first week or so were 3 or 4 degrees above average… oh. So it wasn’t cold then? No, don’t let those first ten days of January fool you, as there was an extremely cold spell from the 10th until the 25th. I’m going to count that as the majority of the month and say that I’m right about January being cold. There were even temperatures below -10C alongside a lot of snow.

I don’t think there were any video games released in January. Okay, there might have been, but I don’t think I really enjoyed any of them. I should really do my research before writing an article (I’ll do that for other months), but I think this style’s working so I’ll go with it. Hey, this is like a stream of consciousness. Anyway, what games were there, then?

Anarchy Reigns, no… Temple Run 2, no… The Cave, no… Ni no Kuni? More like Me no Played (sorry)… DmC! There we go, there’s at least two pretty big titles that released this year. One of them was a JRPG which has a really nice art style, which means you don’t even need to play it yourself for the best bit, and then the other was a Devil May Cry reboot, which I will admit to having never played either. I bet it was good though, Kris even scored it 7/10 in our review. And he doesn’t even like video games!

Gaming news is usually quite slow in January too, but there were a few interesting things, such as the PS3 finally proving that slow and steady does indeed win the race, poor HMV entering administration and a terrible James Bond game somehow worming its way into the Outstanding Achievement In Video Games Writing awards shortlist. If that’s anything to go by, 2012 must have been awful.

I think we should also highlight probably the best article that’s ever been presented on TSA – Alex’s incredibly designed and written piece on Journey, titled Once More Into The Desert. Go back and look at how lovely it is.

In the real world lots of things happened. Too many things. In fact, every moment at least 7 billion things happened if you count how many people there are in the world and how many times things happen. That’s a lot. Some of those people were part of the horse meat scandal, where it was revealed that cheap burgers included equine flesh rather than moo moo chew (that’s beef, if you ain’t down with the lingo).

January sadly saw a lot of ongoing conflict across the world, with the continued Syrian Civil War and several bombing incidents in Pakistan, which killed hundreds and injured many more. It’s very unfortunate that this continues to go on, and glossing over them is very easy when we’re focused on the comparatively calm world we live in. In January, the death toll of the Syrian conflict reached 60,000, with 3,538 of those casualties being children.

Conflict seems like a very hard thing to escape entirely, but I hope that one day we’ll see a large decline and live in a happier world.

Right at the very end of the month, Sony got their proverbial hype train rolling by teasing a PlayStation 4 reveal. Of course, in retrospect, it seems dull but as the time it was all “oh my good, look, it is a PlayStation Meeting”, “they are going to reveal a new PlayStation” and “there is a new PlayStation console being announced next month, can you believe it?”

No spoilers though, so we won’t tell you how that story continues until tomorrow, when we do our review of February. Will there be a PS4? Will it all be a ruse? Could it be the PS Vita 2? Already?

While we wait, I’m going to play an undefined Killzone game on my undefined PlayStation console.


  1. Really enjoyed DmC. Could never understand people’s problem with it. Some brilliant stage design and a really enjoyable combat system

  2. If it’s any consolation I was just trying to remember whether I went out to the pub last night or stayed in & played BF4 so forgetting January is understandable.

    • The fact you forgot means you probably went to the pub. And had a very good time.

  3. Haha, I like this style of writing! Been drinking too much Blair? Or is it all of that uni “work”? ;-)

    • I’ll make sure to continue the style in future months :)

  4. “Of course, in retrospect, it seems dull”

    I can’t help but disagree. Sony, from a consumer perspective, has barely had a misstep with regards to how they’ve handled the PS4. From the initial unveiling with Mark Cerny to the wonderful launch. Sure, a few loose ends here and there to tidy up but Sony hasn’t had a year like 2013 in… well… years.

  5. I was merrily playing on my Wii U in January – and thoroughly enjoying it too! Sadly as the releases dried up over the coming months I went back to my PS3 – and that included Ni No Kuni (which I still have to finish!).

  6. I’m not really “digging” the style of this article. :/
    Maybe because I actually remembered that Ni No Kuni came out.
    I even platinumed it. The art style and voice acting and music is some of the best I’ve come across this year.

  7. I’m glad to see that you are still covering the weather in these review articles.

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