Flappy Bird Flaps Off, Flappy Clones Swoop In

Dong Nguyen, creator of mobile sensation Flappy Bird, has pulled the game from online stores saying the game’s popularity had “ruined my simple life”.

It is said that Vietnamese Mr Nguyen is making $50,000 a day from the in-game advertising and he has denied the game had been pulled due to any legal challenge. Some on the internet may find this hard to believe, but Nintendo don’t hold a copyright for big green pipes.


Since the removal of the game a number of clones have zoomed up the iTunes charts. “Fly Birdie – Flappy Bird Flyer” is at the time of writing the second most popular free download, “Flappy Plane” is the fifth and “Flappy Bee” takes eleventh place. Unlike the original game, all of the clones offer in-app purchases.

Jim took a look at Flappy Bird in our regular Mobile Watch feature, I myself downloaded the game, played it four times then deleted it.

UPDATE: “While we usually do not comment on the rumors and speculations, we have already denied the speculation [regarding Flappy Bird]” said Nintendo.

Source: BBC 



  1. It actually sounds like the poor guy couldn’t handle the sudden fame and pressure. Not sure why he didn’t just leave it up though, if he was making money and it didn’t have any real bugs (being so simple) why not just cash cow it while he works on something else or gets on with his life.

  2. Very odd. Can’t understand how his game being successful could have ruined his life.

  3. Take 10 days of income, buy a lovely secret house some place, continue to live simple life but with extra money. Simple!

  4. I think I must be the only person who never even heard of this game before all the coverage of its demise.

  5. So PewPewDie raising this game’s popularity only lead to mental anguish for this budding young molyneaux.. Well then.. ;)

  6. People issuing death threats online needs their comeuppance.

    • They’re just a bunch of twats, the game is so cr*p

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