Massive Call Of Duty: Ghosts Patch Fixes Onslaught Bug

While you’d expect a hefty 1,751MB patch to fix an onslaught of bugs, the latest patch for Call of Duty: Ghosts appears to only fix a singular issue regarding the Onslaught DLC.

Activision’s official stance describes the patch as having “fixed a crash that could occur at the start screen, if you started downloading Onslaught before launching the game.”

That seems like quite a niche issue, yet they’re distributing a patch which might take some users quite some time to download, halting them from jumping straight into an online game.

Reddit users questioned the size of the patch, and an official Activision representative explained that they have no control over the size, blaming the patch on newer hardware: “unfortunately we don’t have information on why the patches are the sizes that they are. Most of the details are included in the patch notes, I know the notes released today were a bit small, we’re sorry to say we wouldn’t have the full details as to why a patch focused on stability was so large.

“File size varies by platform, PS4 and Xbox One will typically be larger than its predecessors since their hardware differs from the previous generation platforms. Newer consoles are able to handle more, be it improved graphics, or even support for Ground war, so when patches/games are released for these newer platforms more data is required.”

Reddit user ImBaked responded with “I think I’m just going to get the next COD on PS3”. It is quite a large size for such a patch – there are plenty of games from last generation with a smaller file size than this.

Source: Reddit, via CVG


  1. At 1.7gb it has to be more….I’m pretty sure the patch made Nightfall harder too!

    • As if it wasnt hard enough anyway. We will do it though soldier

  2. Hopefully it fixes the glitch where you see people aim at you and kill you without firing a shot,and maybe the invincible one although I think I’ve only come across this once I believe.

    • Nah, thats down to “lag compensation” its an absolute joke. Its because its Peer to Peer rather than dedicated servers on PS3 and PS4. Long story short, it means that having a slower connection speed is more beneficial than have a quicker one. Which is absolutely ridiculous

      • ahh yes many a time have players come round corners pointing their guns at me shooting then running off before i’ve even pulled the trigger.
        i’m like how the hell did he know i was there?
        tsk lag compensation i’ll shit it!!
        or just download something while i’m playing that sometimes works.

      • Yeah I don’t just mean latency/lag where you run round corner and still get shot,I mean there actually aiming at you an you die not one bullet seems to leave there gun an no sound of gun fire.

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