Call Of Duty: Ghosts Free Multiplayer Demo Available This Weekend For PS3 & PS4

Infinity Ward has announced that a multiplayer demo for Call Of Duty: Ghosts will be available to play this weekend, from Friday 6PM until Monday 6PM in Europe, and the same days in North America with the time beginning and end being 10am PDT. This demo will include three maps, three different competitive modes, and the Extinction co-op mode, so if you haven’t picked up Ghosts but fancy trying it out then this is for you.

The competitive modes that will be on offer are Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Search & Rescue. Team Deathmatch is the basic fight to the death, Domination is all about controlling and holding three different points on a map, and Search & Rescue is a no auto respawn match where you can only get back in the fight if a team-mate collects your tags. If the enemy collects your tags then you have to sit out until the next round.

The three maps that will be available to play in the demo are Strikezone, Warhawk, and Prison Break. Strikezone is a small map which features a lot of close combat situations in a baseball stadium, Warhawk is a more urban environment and is a medium sized map, while Prison Break is a large map set in a jungle with a lot of camouflage opportunities. The last map has vexed me before because snipers can hide so well in it.

Source: PS Blog


  1. Ok so this cant just be me and two of my mates, it seems since the update yesterday Call of Duty;Ghosts on ps4 is constantly crashing, its been a nightmare last two days. Is anyone else encountering this?

    • No, but tomb raider online kept failing tonight.

    • I’ve just put it on and played an hour to check as I don’t think I’d played since update and I had no crashing at all, even with our now non fibre new less than a week old super slow broadband.

      • Its not the online failing, its the game itself crashing, it happens in single player, multiplayer and extinction

  2. I had a few issues with Music Unlimited not streaming smoothly on multiple devices. Maybe it’s the network grinding to a halt because of all the people downloading Stick it to the Man from PS+ ;-)

    • The friends has gone nuts for me and at least one other I know the number at the side of the icon disappearing and reappearing along with our actually friends list,hope that’s not down to the amount of people downloading stick it to the man as well lol.

  3. I just got a PS4 and thinking about buying Ghosts so this is perfect.

  4. The update has rendered my PS4 useless! Constantly crashes, managed to get into a few lobby’s and one game with a mate. He was getting same issues. Nobody online and viewing friends list causes a crash. Well done SONY!

  5. I can also confirm that 1.70 has caused my PS4 a few headaches, though nothing life-changing. It still works but the friends list is extra buggy (it’s never been brilliant) and it’s crashed a couple of times. Not brilliant!

  6. Reading scary things on the blog about optical drives failing, 1080p no longer working, all video missing etc.

    I tried to call Sony last night and held for fourty minutes and gave up. They’ve really messed this one up!

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