Call Of Duty Ghosts Invasion DLC Trailered, Features Pirates & Ancient Traps

A trailer for the next CoD: Ghosts map pack, Invasion, has been released and it looks rather crazy. There are four maps present including Departed, Mutiny, Pharaoh, and the return of classic Modern Warfare 2 map, Favela. Along with the brand new maps come Field Orders, and one of those is ghost pirates. Episode 3 of Extinction, named Awakening,  will also be part of the download, and will take the battle underground.


The Departed map is based in an abandoned Mexican town during the Dia de los Muertas festival, with the field frder being the Death Mariachi killstreak. This dual wielding character will add to his band with the ghosts of fallen players. The Mutiny map is set in an abandoned pirate hideaway, including pirate ships, with ghost pirate companions being the field order here. Finally Pharaoh is set in a dig of an ancient Egyptian palace, with the field order being some kind of reward from the ancient god, Anubis.

Favela has had a bit of a redesign with the buildings that were covered in scaffolding in the original outing now built up, while other buildings have fallen apart. The map itself is much more dangerous too as the weak platforms can and will give way under the weight of the soldiers, while there are now longer sightlines for snipers too.

Invasion will launch on Xbox consoles on June 3rd, with the PlayStation release coming roughly a month later.

Source: Youtube/PR



  1. *SNORE. wake me up when CoD Zombies comes back.

  2. maps looks like fun but christ is this game looking old now. Are they looking at giving it a new engine soon or anything?

    • It’s always tricky comparing CoD graphics with rival franchises, on one hand CoD is developed around fast, responsive gameplay & the graphics have to fit in with that, most other franchises seems to be developed around graphics & lighting then they try and achieve the best frame rate they can, usually running at half CoD’s responsiveness.

      Sledgehammer, headed up by the top people from EA Redwood Shores/Visceral Games & responsible for the original Dead Space, have been developing Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare for 3 years supposedly with a new engine.

      A lot of work has also gone into the sound design, which was one of the best things about Dead Space.

      Personally I think it’s a shame a lot of Sledgehammer’s dev time was taken up by supporting CoD MW3’s release after the fallout from West & Zampella’s departure, hopefully that hasn’t detracted from what’s to come

      • sounds promising, lets hope it brings something new for all the past and present COD fans, it certainly needs a boost.

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