DICE Tease Star Wars Battlefront, Promise More In 2015

A mixture of good and bad news as we kick off EA’s press conference. The show opened with Battlefield studio, DICE, outlining their work on the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront.

The good news? The glimpses of early footage shown looks amazing. There’s no confirmation which Star Wars time period the game will be set in though the presence of both Hoth and Endor tell us that at least the original trilogy is being covered.


DICE briefly talked about how they have collaborated with Lucas Arts, researching the film series’ archive or props and visiting film sets.

So, here’s the bad news. Before we could get comfortable, DICE swept Battlefront under the rug, again, promising more in Spring 2015.



  1. Looks awesome already.

  2. Very much hope there is finally one Star Wars game which catches a glimpse of the films I watched nearly 40 years ago and which made me a Star Wars fan since then. Looks promising.

  3. Take my money now.

  4. Title of the video is Star Wars Battlefront Gameplay – where was the gameplay in that video??

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