WeView: E3 2014 – The Games

Well it’s been a while since I was in charge of WeView, I hope you haven’t missed me. Today, rather than looking at a specific game, we’re going to take a look at all of the games – all of the games shown in the first four E3 press conferences that is.

Yes, we’ve seen a huge number of games shown off over the course of eleven hours and four press conferences, a situation that has left me feeling both excited and exhausted after far too little sleep. Before I ask you what you thought of the night, I thought I’d share a few of my personal highlights of what we saw.


Obviously Microsoft kicked things off, and by far my favourite game they showed was Sunset Overdrive. Yes, we may have seen it before, but in my opinion is absolutely stole the show. From the firmly tongue in cheek tone of the story trailer, to the gorgeous art style, to the ridiculously over the top weapons the game seems to offer, everything about Sunset Overdrive seems simply fantastic.

As it the way of E3, we rapidly went from Microsoft to EA, with its usual focus on their various sports titles. Then, of course, there was the heavily leaked Battlefield: Hardline, although their announcement of an immediate beta was a very nice surprise.

However, for me, the star of the show had to be Mirror’s Edge 2, even if it felt like more of a developer diary than a full on trailer. Even so, the simple fact that we saw more of the game was enough to get me excited.

Next up was Ubisoft, which always seems to be timed to start at the exact moment that those of us in the UK are starting to get tired. Fortunately, or perhaps disappointingly, it wasn’t quite as weird as it has been in previous years, although Aisha Tyler does remain the most unconventional, and most fun, of the conference hosts.

It really is hard to look past Rainbow Six: Siege when talking about Ubisoft, although Valiant Hearts has got a lot going for it too. While vastly different games, both really caught my imagination, and in particular Valiant Hearts’ art style really did look stunning.

Finally, we had Sony, a conference I definitely didn’t fall asleep for the first 15 minutes of. Fortunately, there was plenty to show after that first quarter of an hour, with No Man’s Sky being my stand out title. I know many of you will be excited to see more about Uncharted 4, but No Man’s Sky looks absolutely gorgeous, and the promise of an infinite universe to explore and thrive in really grabbed my attention.

So the question I’d put to you is what games did you fall in love with last night? Remember this isn’t really about who “won” the conferences last night, just about what games you can’t wait to get your hands on. Did the four player co-op on show in Assassin’s Creed Unity make you swoon? Did the details about a new Mass Effect set your heart racing? Or are you waiting to see what Nintendo show of games like Super Smash Bros. tonight?

Whatever took your fancy, lets us know in the comments below. As this is a special WeView we’re only giving you until 1pm tomorrow (June 11th) to get your comments in, then we’ll have a verdict post at some point tomorrow afternoon.



  1. I think that on the games front, there was not a great deal to be excited about compared to last year. Sunset Overdrive I think will be overhyped and boasts style but lacks substance.

    No Mans Sky and although Uncharted 4 had a brief trailer shown, it is still a standout from the show purely because it is ND.

    Games have been hyped from E3 showings and very few have failed to deliver. In recent years, only The Last Of Us has been equal measure to its E3 showing whereas Watch Dogs and Titanfall have all suffered.

    So No Mans Sky and Uncharted 4 from me for what was an underwhelming E3. Where was Project Morpheus? Mirrors Edge 2 and Star Wars Battlefront gameplay? Instead its mostly the same generic material shown every year.

  2. Ok, most excited for LittleBigPlanet 3, love a bit of LBP, and this has some great additions to the usual stuff. Far Cry 4 looks fantastic, excited for that, lots of nice new ideas implemented it seems. The Witcher 3 continues to look excellent, looking forward to that. The Order 1886 still looks like it has awesome potential to be a show stopper. No Man’s Sky continues to impress. And Batman, wowsers, looks better than ever.
    Oh, and Resogun dlc, I want it!
    Metal Gear Solid looks very… solid, only thing stopping it from stealing the show is Snake’s voice, wonder if I’ll get used to that, such an odd decision.
    Bioware stuff is looking lovely, but I’m waiting for previews and reviews as I don’t quite trust EA not to ruin everything with horrible microtransactions and other daft decisions. Fingers crossed they don’t get too greedy.

    Ok, I think I’m done. :D

  3. No Man’s Sky looked astounding. Considering the size of their development team, even more. Was a bit underwhelmed with most of the other stuff being shown by all developers and was a little bit, and still am, concerned by the sudden need to add 4 player co-op to everything (or did I imagine that?). I agree that Sunset Overdrive looked great, but I also remember Fuse so I’ll wait until release to judge it as I will anything shown by Ubisoft as they are the kings of bait and switch.

  4. I’ve still not seen everything that’s been announced, but No Man’s Sky and Uncharted 4 have certainly grabbed my attention.

  5. i feel like generally, throughout the shows so far there was actually a fair bit of variety. ‘No Mans’ looks amazing and I love that it’s from a small team. Uncharted hints at something amazing and Sunset looks lovely. A little sad Vita wasn’t in the mix as much as I hoped and that we didn’t see any Beyond Good or Evil. I actually think Nintendo has a chance of akin an impact if they do it right. Haven’t got a Wii U but I hope they come back to former glory.

    • Oh and Im loving Evolve. Thats looks like a LOT of fun.

  6. Yep. No mans sky looks very interesting. But then I am a fan of Eve online, and everything I’ve heard so far points to it being something like “Eve the arcade game”. Which is not a bad thing!

    Aside from that, Mass effect 4 (or whatever it’ll be called) is already a day one purchase for me. I know the ending of 3 left a lot of players with a bitter taste in their mouth. But for me, even though it didn’t quite deliver what bioware promised. It was still about 10 times more ambitious than anything anyone else has been, or is working on right now. Plus the multiplayer was unexpectedly awesome.

    But Destiny is what I’m keeping a close eye on. As it’s the only AAA game that it looks like we’ll be able to get our grubby mitts on any time soon. And I’m a sucker for multiplayer lootfind games. The white PS4 bundle has me re-evaluating my “No PS4 this year” ethos. But I’ll decide closer to the time.

  7. All the hype that lead up to E3 & nothing was worthy the show (apart from UC4) but for Ubisoft took the limelight from both MS & PS, they had the best games on show, far cry 4 wow.

  8. Too many teasers and not enough gameplay for me so far. I appreciate some games are in early stages though.

    I find old/current IPs like the new Uncharted, Metal Gear, Dead Island 2, LBP3, Assassins Creed, Infamous DLC, The Last of Us and GTA5 a bit boring. Even Mirror’s Edge looks like it’s just going to be “remastered”. (Don’t get me wrong, I know these games are good but I want new stuff). It’s a real shame new IPs such as The Order 1886 and The Division that were both due this year, are delayed until 2015. Sadly No Mans’ Sky, Destiny or Evolve just don’t appeal to me.

    The best news for me has been the YouTube App and Share button integration; the PS Vita TV European release confirmation; and (despite my previous paragraph, an exception) Far Cry 4 looks stunning.

  9. Batman, MKX & Tomb Raider.

  10. Nothing really stood out for me, apart from the music in most of the trailers of all four pressers, it was really good.

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