Driveclub PS4 Bundle Racing To Retailers This Autumn

If you’ve been holding out for a PlayStation 4 and love leaving digital rubber on the road, Sony have you covered this autumn with a Driveclub PS4 hardware bundle.

Just announced on the PlayStation Blog, this bundle will launch in Europe alongside Driveclub on October 8th, and comes with a standard black 500GB PS4 system, a Dualshock 4 controller, and what appears to be the complete, physical copy of Driveclub.


Driveclub Bundle

Sony says the bundle is available for preorder now with an RRP of €439.99, and also have teased some new Driveclub footage coming later today that focuses on its dynamic weather system.

Source: PS Blog



  1. Weird how it’s priced €10 more than The Last of Us PS4 Bundle.

    Seeing as the PS4 is region free, is there anything stopping me buying one from Amazon Friday as it’s cheaper, or would I have to pay extra taxes or something?

    • Driveclub itself has a higher rrp than TLoU Remastered.

      You might get caught out with customs charges, you might not. I think the units are mostly the same, just that the plug is different.

      • Ah that must be the difference.

        Is the PS4 power cable a standard kettle cable, or is it like the Ps3 Slims?

      • The power cable is a standard figure 8 like what you get for portable radios, ghetto blasters etc.

      • Ok thanks, I’ll look into if it maybe an option

  2. With bundles, why don’t they at least put some design on the ps4 rather than selling it just plain black

    • I prefer mine black. I wouldn’t buy it if it had a load of crap plastered all over it.

    • Yep, a special paint job would give a lot more purpose to these bundles. Other than a different box its the same!

  3. I have gone right off of the idea of Driveclub since seeing more & more of it, as it seems more & more like it’s going to be geared more to being a sim (this may have always been the intention & may in fact be down to my lack of understanding of the title).

    Much prefer my racers to come with a pinch of surrealism so that I can Boost after someone at ridiculous speed before dropping a plane on them for example (this may or may not be a very specific example which has of course not in any way been taken from Split Second).

    • I feel the same and I’m way more excited about Project Cars, probably because I’m happy with the Grid level of realism and prefer a fun and carefully rubber-banded racer to a sim. Especially a sim with forced social features that totally don’t suit my hermit lifestyle :)

    • It is definitely not a sim, there isn’t any performance customisation, just paint, decals and so on.

      For the record, I’d call a sim something like Gran Turismo/Forza/Project cars.

      • But I suppose the important question here is: Can you drop a plane on someone? :D

      • Ooops, forgot to answer that the first time. I’ve not seen it mentioned, but there’s always dlc!

  4. Really looking forward to this. The team based angle is refreshing. I love co op games! Proper full on campaign co op is brilliant!

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